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Our commercial CCTV  drain survey team have the ability to be able to survey commercial sewer pipes from 150mm to 1200mm on all types of commercial and industrial property,  the vehicles are fitted with the latest crawler cam technology  with can survey pipework up to 250 metres in one goWe have invested in getting the latest cameras which do not need electric or power generating to run the cameras, these are all high-tech cordless battery-operated camera units which are ideal for getting around commercial properties and carrying out Commercial CCTV Drain surveys which cuts down the time spent on site and the cost to the client. All of our commercial sewer inspection surveys are upload directly to a computer system which makes it easier to create the report and the DVD and send it directly to the client  in real-time. 

We normally don’t need access to the inside of the commercial or industrial property to carry out a drain survey, as long as there is access to the manholes outside of the property for surveying. From our control centre we can dispatch commercial survey engineers to respond to your needs. We operate a fleet of multi equipped commercial survey vehicles fully equipped with the latest onboard and mobile digital camera equipment which allows our engineers to survey all types of commercial pipework.

Drain 24/7 offers a range of Commercial CCTV Drain Survey  including:

  • Drain Inspection Survey
  • Commercial DrainSurvey
  • Sewer Inspection Survey
  • Culvert Inspection Survey
  • Drain Charting and Mapping

Culvert Inspection Surveys

Our Culvert Inspection Survey unit teams can survey from 1200mm upwards, using our specially designed floatable survey units for culverts and rivers throughout the UK. Drain 247 is registered with the Environment Agency (Reg No: CBDU102368). Each of our culvert inspection vehicle carries a full range of safety equipment including gas monitors, safety regulations harness and ropes and full personal protection allowing all operations relating to the survey to be carried out in accordance with health and safety legislation.

Drain Charting & Mapping

Drain 247 drain charting and mapping equipment allows our engineers great accuracy and ability to carry out a detailed report of all the underground drainage and sewer pipe network. Drain Mapping & Charting will provide drainage information in digital format with full annotated site plans of the drainage system or systems within the site itself, and associated drainage features such as drain pipe sizes, drain depth, drain construction and drain use. A map and chart will also provide manhole reports, construction, and connectivity.Drain Mapping & Charting can be added to existing maps and schematics giving a fuller representation of the land.

Drain 24/7 provide a drain map & chart overlapping service to add drainage system information to existing maps. Drain 24/7 are also able to update existing drainage maps and charts. If you have any questions about this service please contact us.

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