Moling Services

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Our specialist moling equipment allows us to repair and replace water pipes without excavating the existing surface. All our work is certified, approved  and guaranteed for 10 years. Moling will avoid open cut trenches for installing, renewing and the repair of water mains pipes in a very cost-effective manner.

An impact mole service is an air-driven device…

Which is launched from a small pit  which punches its way through the ground to a receiving pit enabling new water mains piping to be installed. The soil is compacted outwards to create a smooth, almost glazed, bore which allows the water pipes to be installed quickly, without an unsightly trench.

Avoid Such Health Hazards

If your property was built in the ’50s or ’60s. It is more likely that you have lead water pipes serving the property instead of new blue MDPE pipes.

The longer you leave these lead pipes in, the higher the risk of contamination. Meaning it is better to replace them with blue MDPE pipes work. Or you can install a filter for cooking and drinking water to avoid water mixed with lead.

To ensure that there is little to no chance of water contaminated by lead. We suggest to have both sides of the lead water pipes replaced. This ensures that your water, both drinking and cooking, is safe for your family.

How Do I Know How Much Pipe Work I Need To Replace?

The best way is to measure in meters. The distance from your property boundary line next to the pavement (Point A). Down to the internal stopcock inside your property (Point B). The length you measured will be use as an sign of the amount of pipework you need to replace.
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