We hope you find these Photographs interested off culverts, sewers, drainpipes, gully, manhole, blockdrains, damage drains, these Photographs have been taken by some of the engineers in London,Hertfordshire and Middlesex. which date back to the Victorian times the London sewer pipe work are running at full capacity and there is a large Thames water project going on at the moment to try and release the big build up in the old Victorian sewers

Inspecting Manhole

manhole to be surveyed

Inside manhole chamber


manhole filled with water

manhole by van

manhole interior

manhole being unblocked

engineer digging out manhole

engineer inside manhole

manhole in kitchen

Manhole Under Patio

manhole with manhole cover

water being poured into manhole

engineer preparing to lift manhole

engineers lifting manhole cover

toilet stack pipe

sewer interior

manhole interior

picture of manhole interior

inside manhole

picture of manhole exterior

drain gulley

interior of manhole

entrance to sewer

sewer inspection

gulley  by fence

stack pipe

safety cones around manhole

inside view of manhole

drain inspection of manhole in kitchen

drain survey being carried out