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Month: August 2017

Image of water on a road.

Help-Centre: How Water is Silently Damaging Your Property

For most residential and commercial property owners, water can be their worst nightmare because it has many ways it can destroy the property; from an initial small water leak to a burst mains pipe to a major outbreak in mold...
Posted on 31st Aug 2017 by admin_drain
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Image of drainage engineer.

Importance of Drain Care & Maintenance

Proper drainage systems are an integral part of every residential and commercial property. Homeowners and businesses both rely on drain systems to efficiently dispose of water waste in a clean and hygienic manner, especially when the British weather has its...
Posted on 22nd Aug 2017 by admin_drain
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Image of a Drain Cover.

London Sewerage – From a Gory History to a Fabulous Present

With its multi-cleaning water treatment facility, London’s drainage system is now an example to the world. However, the history of London sewerage is far from anything spectacular. There are many myths and stories surrounding the underground sewerage of London. The remains of the faulty drainage pipes can...
Posted on 18th Aug 2017 by admin_drain
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Image of a sewer system.

The Evolution of The Sewer System

What is the London sewerage system? Well, basically it is a complex network of pipe works that serves every single property within the London area. The London sewer system underwent a multitude of changes from the late 19th century. John...
Posted on 13th Aug 2017 by admin_drain
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Image of a chef cooking food.

Blocked Drains in Restaurants, Cafes & Shops

Drain problems and blockages can prove costly for many bricks and mortar businesses, particularly for food and beverage outlets, like cafes and restaurants. A serious drainage issue in a restaurant, for example, may not only lead to a hefty repair...
Posted on 10th Aug 2017 by admin_drain
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Image of sewer works.

Drainage and Sewer Works

Drainage and sewer Drainage is known as the removal of sub surface water or the water present on the surface either naturally or artificially. Whereas, sanitary sewer refers to the transport of sanitary waste from commercial areas and houses to a proper...
Posted on 7th Aug 2017 by admin_drain
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Image of an open drain.

Why Drain Maintenance Is Important

Drains are necessary to all residential and commercial properties; each property has pipework running through or around its boundary. These pipework carry raw sewerage or surface water which discharge to dedicated points, some drainage systems in properties are shared, and...
Posted on 1st Aug 2017 by admin_drain
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