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When you have a blocked drain, it can cause numerous issues for domestic and commercial properties. There are many factors that can negatively affect your drains and it’s often quite difficult to pinpoint what might be causing an issue.

At Drain 247, we have years of experience in dealing with domestic and commercial drain blockages so we know the common reasons why your drains might be blocked. Below, we have provided a list of reasons that could be causing a blocked drain.

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Hair is often the usual suspect for drain blockage, along with other substances that have the ability to stick to surfaces. The easiest way of dealing with hair obstructions is to avoid them in the first place. Make sure you pay attention to how much hair gets clogged at the entrance of the drain and ensure that you remove any bits of hair that get caught at the top. This will reduce the chance of a build-up and it prevents more hair from going down the drains.

Another way you can prevent this is to add a filter to the drain entrance. This can stop excess hair from travelling down your drain and potentially causing a drain blockage. For commercial premises such as hair salons, this should be a priority when it comes to maintaining your salon.

Food Waste

Food waste is a very common matter in households and restaurants. Most people will empty their food waste into the bin, but sometimes, they might wash it down the sink. A build-up of solid food in the pipes can often result in drain blockages and this can cause the water to overflow.

It would be wise to stick to emptying food waste into the bin, no matter how much food is left. This would minimise the chances of a blocked drain.
Other products such as oil and flour shouldn’t be going down your drainage system either as they can solidify and cause a major drain blockage that will be difficult to remove without help from a drainage engineer.

Dirt & Mud

You may think that your pipes and drains can handle dirt being washed down, but you are very mistaken. Your sink and shower drains are meant for liquids, so if you wash muddy trainers then the solid bits of dirt can accumulate and cause a drain blockage. If you must wash muddy clothes indoors, then you should try to clean off as much solid dirt as possible outside. This will then reduce the clumps of dirt that go down your drains and can save you a headache later.

Toilet Paper

Whilst modern toilet drainage systems are capable of flushing down toilet paper, you should try to limit the amount of toilet paper you use. The more paper you flush down, the higher the chance that it can get stuck and cause a blockage. This will result in the toilet not flushing properly and there might also be an overflow that can be difficult to resolve.

In the event that you have flushed down too much toilet paper, you should use a plunger to get rid of as much paper as you can. This can help ease the drainage system and reduce the number of solids that need to go through the pipes. If none of these solutions work for you, then we advise you to get in touch with our drainage experts who can investigate the issue and provide a drain unblocking service.

Tree Roots

Over time, small cracks or leaks may begin appearing in your pipes. Although it’s uncommon, this can happen depending on the area and environment that the pipes are in. Sometimes, tree roots can grow through these cracks and begin covering the inside of the pipes. This can lead to reduced water flow and eventually, cause a blockage in the pipes.

Root clearance may be difficult and it might involve digging, pressure jet sweeping, or even trenchless repair as tree root removal can be complicated. Periodically check the conditions of nearby trees and plants and also check your drains to avoid major fixes in the future.

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