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Kinetic House, Theobald Street, Borehamwood, England, WD6 4PJ
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13 Jan, 2022
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5 Things You Shouldn’t Put Down The Drain

Damaged drains are often caused by neglect of your drains. Over time, fatty foods or oil will build up causing the drains to clog. Here at Drain 247, we not only provide a fast and effective drain unblocking service, but our experts can also offer advice on how to keep your drains clear and healthy. To help you understand more about your drains, we have listed the top 5 things to not put down your drains below.


Although this may seem like a minor thing, such seemingly harmless stickers can be the cause of problems within your pipes. They may not seem like they can cause much damage, but the slightest amount of glue can be enough to make them stick to the insides of the drains. This glue can then grab and stick to other solids that move through the drain which then causes a build-up. They may also appear with wastewater pipes and pumps and cause problems with the drainage system.

Chemical Fluids

Various household products such as cleaners and kitchen oils aren’t ideal for the drains. These chemicals may contain contaminants that can be toxic when combined with the water supply, although these chemicals do not usually cause blockages. By pouring chemicals down your drains, you are bringing chemicals into the water stream and this is particularly important with domestic water systems. If you must dispose of chemical fluids down your drains, then you should consider using all-natural alternatives to cleaning products which will be less harmful to the drains.


Similar to the point above with the chemical fluids, paint is also an item that shouldn’t be disposed of down the drain. One of the major problems of pouring paint down the drain is that it contains multiple toxic chemicals that can contaminate water. In addition, paint can coat the insides of your pipes which shrinks them down and this can cause a build-up of materials.

In the UK, there are laws on hazardous waste which limits what you can dispose of in drains. This includes paint, ink, resin, detergents containing hazardous substances, and more. If you need to dispose of large quantities of paint, then you must take it to a waste management facility where they can safely dispose of the paint for you.


Medical substances and solid medication should never be poured down your drains as this causes a lot of implications. Medicines that are disposed of down the drain can contaminate water streams and lakes which harms the ecosystems and wildlife. The wastewater treatment systems aren’t designed to extract medicines from the water which causes more problems.

If you need to dispose of medicines then you can throw them into the trash, rather than flushing them down the drains.

Coffee Beans

Coffee grounds are known to be one of the biggest problems for your drains as they can be very tough to remove when clogged. Although it may seem harmless to put coffee grounds down the drain, coffee grounds are not water-soluble which means that it cannot be dissolved in water. When there is a build-up of non-soluble items in the drains, that is when a blockage can occur. With time, coffee grounds will accumulate and cause problems for your drains.

An alternative to flushing coffee grounds down the drain is to use them as fertilisers for plants. You can compost coffee grounds which is a good method of disposal.

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