Drain Maintenance

Drain 247 Drain Maintenance

Ideally maintenance is required periodically for drains and waste pipes in order to prevent blockages and the build up of grease, silt and scale on pipes. Build up of these substances can reduce flow and will increase the potential of blockages occurring leading to greater cost.


Our Drain Maintenance Solution

Drain 247 provide drain maintenance solution programmes which help reduce the risk of reduced flow and expensive blockages occurring to any of your drainage systems. We ensure that your pipe works are consistently operating to maximum potential with maximum flow.

Drain 247 drainage maintenance services uses high pressure water jetting to:

  • Remove silt from surface water drains and pipes. soft silt from surface water drains.
  • Clear scale and build up of solid-set substances.
  • Clear any blockages in drains, sewers and stack pipes.

Drain 247’s maintenance packages also provide drain preservation services that help extend the life of your drainage. Our services include CCTV drain examination, which means we can check all of your pipe work and identify any defective or damaged pipes that could cause future problems if not resolved.  We also check for gas, which means we can identify reduce the risk of any danger caused by poisonous or combustible gases such as methane or hydrogen sulphide.

To find out more about Drain 247 Specialist Hygiene’s cost effective drain maintenance and drain unblocking services please call us on 0800 612 8038 or email us today.

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