Kinetic House, Theobald Street, Borehamwood, England, WD6 4PJ
24hr Drainage Contractor
Kinetic House, Theobald Street, Borehamwood, England, WD6 4PJ
24hr Drainage Contractor
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04 Jul, 2020
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Are Blocked Drains Causing You Trouble in your Business?  

As the lockdown measures of COVID-19 are being eased, employers have also begun opening up their businesses. Nothing is quite as frustrating as a blocked drain. Whether your toilet is having issues flushing, your toilet or kitchen sink plughole is congested, or you’ve noticed an unpleasant smell, these symptoms suggest the potential of a blocked drain. It’s important to get it confirmed and treated as soon as possible, before the problem worsens.

With so many treatments available in shops,

it can seem like an easy option to purchase a drain unblocking product, however, these often don’t get to the heart of the problem. For some drains it could be that there is a build up of dirt and fat, and for others it could be a build up of hair. By investing in the help of a drain cleaning company, you can rest assured that that the problem will be correctly diagnosed and treated effectively.

When you choose Drain 247, we will act fast in the event of a drain blockage – by using our high-pressure jet equipment and a variety of nozzles. We’ll be able to squeeze into the smallest of spaces and clear any blockage in our way.

At Drain 247, we are here to provide you with the solution you require at the right price. We offer valuable services we are the number one choice for a variety of domestic and commercial clients, and always do everything in our power to beat expectations.

Contact Drain 247 for Inspection or Clearing Ahead of Re-Opening

If you suspect you your drains need inspection or clearing before you re-open your business. Call us on 0800 612 8038 or you can complete our contact form to get your free, no-obligation quote.

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