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    CCTV Surveys, Drain Mapping and Drain Repairs in Harlesden

    Have you experienced a drainage issue with your property in Harlesden? Drain 247 are local drainage technicians who can serve Harlesden and the nearby areas. Our comprehensive range of services include drain repairs, homebuyers drain surveys, drain mapping, CCTV drain surveys, drain relining services.


    CCTV Drain Surveys in Harlseden

    Are you after a CCTV drain survey for your property in Harlseden? Perhaps you’ve experienced some issues with your drains or you’ve been experiencing recurring drainage problems, our team of engineers are here to help you diagnose the potential issues with a CCTV drain survey.

    Drain 247 uses specialist surveying equipment with CCTV cameras, enabling our engineers to carry out safe and effective inspections on your drains and sewer systems. With the CCTV camera, we can see high-definition footage of the inner workings of your pipes and if we notice any defects or issues, we’ll be sure to suggest the appropriate remediation actions.

    Once we complete our drain surveys, we will produce a high-quality drainage report which will tell you everything about your drains, such as the conditions, possible issues, and we also include the footage recorded through our CCTV equipment. If a drain survey is what you need, contact our drainage technicians today for a fixed price quote.

    Our engineers also undertake:

    • Home Buyers Surveys
    • Extension Surveys
    • Bad Smell Investigation
    • Rodent Investigation

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    Drain Mapping in Harlesden

    As a leading drainage company in Harlesden, Drain 247 offers comprehensive drain mapping services that can map out the entirety of your drains, sewers, gullies, and culverts.

    We use innovative technologies such as CCTV drain surveys, GPS mapping, GIS mapping, and sonar tracing in order to determine a variety of useful information about your drains with pinpoint accuracy.

    We can identify the locations of the pipes, the sizes, the depths, and also which direction the water is flowing in. With this information, we collate detailed drain mapping plans and schematics of your underground assets.

    Get in touch with our mapping survey engineers today for a quote.

    Benefits of our drain mapping services:

    • We offer fixed price quotations for drain mapping
    • Our services are local to Harlseden
    • Drain 247 is an insured and established drainage company

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    Drain Repairs in Harlesden

    Noticed issues with your drain pipes? If your drains have been having issues recently or there are signs of damage, it’s best to get a professional to inspect your drains in order to provide a proper diagnosis.

    Drain 247 provides drain relining and repair services in Harlesden and we can determine if your drains have been subject to damage, such as tree root damage, pipe cracks, pipe fractures, and more. What makes Drain 247 different, is our approach to drain relining and repairs. Our services do not require any form of excavation or digging which means that you can benefit from a high-quality repair service without all of the disruption or hassle of getting an area excavated.

    Another great benefit of our drain relining services is that we can reinforce the insides of your pipes so that they are more durable and less likely to get damaged.

    Benefits of our Drain Repairs:

    • We do not require any digging
    • Our 15-year guarantee is available for drain repairs
    • Our repairs are affordable
    • There will be minimal disruption to your property

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    Homebuyers Drain Surveys in Harlesden

    At Drain 247, we highly recommend home buyers to consider taking out a homebuyers drain survey so that you understand the conditions of the drains and sewers, and also how everything is connected underground. We know that the drains and sewers are often overlooked when it comes to buying a house because you can’t see them. However, it’s important to have an inspection carried out so that you can determine whether the drainage systems are functioning as they should or if there are problems.

    Drain 247 provides home buyers drain surveys and our specialist drain surveyors use CCTV technology to safely and effectively inspect all of the drains and sewer systems. Whether there is a pipe misconnection, a leaking pipe, tree root damage, a cracked pipe, or even a vermin infestation, we can detect all types of issues inside the drains.

    When you receive our comprehensive drain survey report, you’ll have all of the details you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

    Why Would I Need a Homebuyers Drain Survey?

    • To find out if there are drainage issues.
    • Avoid being stung by hidden drainage problems.
    • Insurance is more likely to be offered if you’ve had a drainage survey.

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