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When is Drain Lining Needed?

One of the great luxuries of life today is that we can have a bath, take a shower, flush a toilet, or turn on a tap without ever having to worry about where the water is coming from, or where...
Posted on 13th Sep 2021 by admin_drain
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Drain 247 Celebrates World Water Day!

World Water Day has been held on March 22nd every year since 1993, it celebrates water and raises awareness of the 2.2 billion people living without access to safe water. It is about taking action to tackle the global water...
Posted on 22nd Mar 2021 by admin_drain
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Ensure You Prevent Drain Blockages Through Winter

Drain blockages are more likely to occur through the winter months, and they can wreak havoc on your pipes, drains, and plumbing systems. Your drains are the most critical part of your home to maintain, and a little preparation before...
Posted on 28th Nov 2020 by admin_drain
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Does COVID-19 Affect Home Buyers Decisions When Purchasing a New Home

We are all well aware of the risks that COVID-19 poses to our health, and this recognition is reshaping the way that Brits buy their homes. Home video tours, unaccompanied viewings, and mortgage applications in a virtual environment are a...
Posted on 27th Nov 2020 by admin_drain
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Challenges of Urban Drainage Systems

Urban drainage systems can be very dangerous due to failing in their functions which is by various factors that we will be discussing down below. Urban drainage systems Urban drainage systems are slowly declining in their main functions caused by...
Posted on 8th Sep 2020 by admin_drain
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How To Choose the Right Manhole Cover?

Choosing the correct manhole cover can be difficult but, in this blog, we dive deep into detail, filtering out the solution to acquiring the correct manhole. Read below. What is a Manhole cover A Manhole cover is a removeable disc...
Posted on 8th Sep 2020 by admin_drain
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Are Blocked Drains Causing You Trouble in your Business?  

As the lockdown measures of COVID-19 are being eased, employers have also begun opening up their businesses. Nothing is quite as frustrating as a blocked drain. Whether your toilet is having issues flushing, your toilet or kitchen sink plughole is...
Posted on 4th Jul 2020 by admin_drain
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Open for Business after COVID-19

As the strict lockdown measures arranged for COVID-19 have been eased, employers have also begun opening up their businesses to be used by the public. For establishments in the hospitality area, it is imperative that there are safety measures in...
Posted on 1st Jul 2020 by admin_drain
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Why Use A Drainage Company for Unblocking Drains?

When dealing with a blocked drain and you are approaching a company to take on this work, keep in mind that they can sometimes offer additional services which may not be needed at time. Examples of this could be a...
Posted on 1st May 2020 by admin_drain
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Following the Government’s announcement on Monday in regards to the Coronavirus, further restrictions have now been put in place and the Government is urging the UK to adhere to the lockdown measures. At Drain 247, we assure customers that we...
Posted on 26th Mar 2020 by admin_drain
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