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Why Use A Drainage Company for Unblocking Drains?

When dealing with a blocked drain and you are approaching a company to take on this work, keep in mind that they can sometimes offer additional services which may not be needed at time. Examples of this could be a...
Posted on 1st May 2020 by admin_drain
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Following the Government’s announcement on Monday in regards to the Coronavirus, further restrictions have now been put in place and the Government is urging the UK to adhere to the lockdown measures. At Drain 247, we assure customers that we...
Posted on 26th Mar 2020 by admin_drain
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5 Reasons Why Your Drains May be Blocked

When you have a blocked drain, it can cause numerous issues for domestic and commercial properties. There are many factors that can negatively affect your drains and it’s often quite difficult to pinpoint what might be causing an issue. At...
Posted on 10th Mar 2020 by admin_drain
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How To Help Your Business Avoid Drainage Troubles

Drainage problems start from poor maintenance and neglect of your drainage system, causing future hazards. These hazards could lead to major blockage and leakages which cause large amount of damage to a business. Additionally, drains require regular maintenance to ensure...
Posted on 10th Feb 2020 by admin_drain
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3 Things Your Drainage Plan Should Contain

What is a Drainage Plan? A drainage plan is an important document that every property or site should have. It contains a general layout of all of the properties on your site and all of the drains underneath. The plan...
Posted on 11th Dec 2019 by admin_drain
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How to Prepare your Pipes for the Cold Winter Months

What’s better than going home after a cold, wet and windy winters day than coming home and getting in a warm shower, then putting some warm clothes and snuggling up into a ball on the sofa and falling to sleep....
Posted on 20th Nov 2019 by admin_drain
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Has The Recent Heavy Rainfall Blocked Your Drains?

The UK has seen some of it’s most severe floods in the past couple of weeks. Residents of many towns have had to move out of their house because of the amount of rainfall that has hit particular areas of...
Posted on 10th Nov 2019 by admin_drain
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What’s Unblocktober – A Month To Save Our Sewers & Seas

What is Unblocktober? Unblocktober is a month dedicated to improving the welfare of our sewers, drainage systems, and seas. It’s a month where we as a community must become more aware and responsible for what we are spilling down the...
Posted on 16th Oct 2019 by admin_drain
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What Are The Costs Of A CCTV Drain Survey?

Many domestic and commercial environments utilise pipes, drains, and sewers for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, these pipes and drains are completely fine and work as intended, but sometimes, unexpected problems can occur. When you experience a...
Posted on 6th Sep 2019 by admin_drain
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How To Find The Right Drain Experts

When a blocked drain occurs, it can sometimes be a nightmare for property owners. Even when there is just a partial blockage in the drains, it can often bring other problems and can eventually lead to a complete blockage. Issues...
Posted on 9th Aug 2019 by admin_drain
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