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    Commercial & Domestic CCTV Drain Surveys & Sewer Inspections Company

    CCTV drain technology allows our drainage engineers to capture and record high-resolution images of the inside condition of the foul and surface water pipework. From this information, we produce detailed and easy-to-understand drain survey reports.

    Using CCTV technology is also the quickest method for identifying problems located in the underground drainage system. If you suspect that there is a drainage problem, get in touch with our engineers today.


    Our Engineers Carry Out In-Depth Drain Surveys

    At Drain 247, we have a fleet of vehicles fully equipped with the latest CCTV camera inspection technology and other digital drainage camera equipment. Out high-tech equipment enables our drainage engineers to successfully carry out comprehensive drainage surveys and we can identify any issues that might be present in the drainage systems.

    The typical causes of blockages are fat build-up, open joints, limescale, and collapsed pipes which can cause the drainage and plumbing systems to deteriorate. Drain 247 operates throughout London and Hertfordshire, providing essential drainage services to residential and commercial customers with CCTV drainage inspection services.


    We Offer a Range of Drain Surveys Services Including:

    • Drain surveys
    • CCTV drainage inspection
    • Domestic drain surveys
    • Commercial CCTV surveys
    • Sewer inspection surveys
    • Culvert inspection surveys
    • Build over inspection surveys
    • CCTV drain surveys for extension
    • Drainage CCTV Camera
    • Rat infestation surveys
    • Homebuyers drain surveys
    • Build over inspection
    • Pre-conditional CCTV survey

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    Sewer Inspection Survey

    Our sewer inspection surveys are usually required when there may be damaged or collapsed pipework or there is a requirement for tracing a drainage system in order to install a new drain. Our private drainage surveys in London are very highly rated as they can be used to identify a wide range of problems, such as areas of dampness which could cause subsidence.


    What is The Cost of a CCTV Drain Survey?

    At Drain 247, we understand the importance of maximising value for our clients and that is why we offer professional CCTV drain surveys and drain inspections at a fixed price. We know that no two businesses are the same and that each business will have its unique needs and requirements, but that is where Drain 247 is different from other drainage companies. We provide fixed price quotes to ensure that you only need to pay what we’ve quoted and nothing extra.

    Each drainage system is different so it’s difficult to have a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to the survey cost. As a result, it makes sense to provide a personalised quote that is based on the issues present in the drainage and plumbing systems. We want you to be able to get the exact solution and the right price.

    As an example, our CCTV drain survey drainage inspection cost for a domestic property drainage system will start from £175.00. This is because there are often far fewer pipes to inspect and the drainage network tends to be a lot smaller for domestic buildings.

    For Business Owners with Commercial Properties

    If you are a business owner with commercial drainage systems, the cost of a drain survey would potentially be higher as the drainage network may be larger. There is also a requirement to check every pipe within the drainage network of your commercial premises and this would generally start from £330.00 + VAT. For more information or a bespoke quote for a commercial CCTV drain survey, contact us today.

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    Our Drain Survey Process

    At Drain 247, we like to keep our process simple and non-disruptive so that our customers can easily understand everything that is taking place at their site.

    One of our fully qualified CCTV drainage technicians would come to the residential property or commercial site in London, Hertfordshire or the surrounding areas. The engineers will then begin by lifting the manhole and perform a preliminary inspection to assess the situation and determine whether it’s safe to investigate.

    Upon confirmation of safety, our engineers will use specialist surveying equipment which will be inserted into your residential or business plumbing and drainage system. We will then inspect the conditions of your drains and carry out the survey.

    With Drain 247, our engineers can capture high-quality footage of the internal conditions of your pipeworks which will be included in our comprehensive drainage survey report. The data also includes the direction flow, the pipe size, the manhole location and the depth levels. Our engineers can also recommend the appropriate remediation solutions if any problems have been detected.

    Our comprehensive drain survey report will then be sent to you, the customer, by email in PDF format.


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