Project Summery

Drain 247 was appointed to carry out thorough inspections on the City House’s stormwater attenuation system and tanks in order to find defects and recommendations for remedial works.

These stormwater attenuation tanks are designed to collect and store excessive surface water run-off from large stormwater events, so it’s vital that these are inspected periodically.

Our engineers were tasked with carrying out both visual and camera inspections to examine their stormwater attenuation system.

We also deployed a large tanker unit in order to empty the attenuation tanks and store the water to allow our engineers to get access to examine the interior of the attenuation tanks.

Using a large robotic camera system with 360° tilt and pan capabilities, our engineers were able to throughly check all angles inside the tanks and gather in-depth information about the conditions.

This is to ensure that there are no defects in the tanks that could affect the water levels so that they can be maintained below a certain threshold for safety.

Once we had finished our inspections, we had put together a comprehensive report for our client which contains all the information and data needed to satisfy all parties, including the environmental agency.