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Commercial CCTV Drain Survey Inspections

Drain 247 are specialists in drains, sewers & culverts inspections. Commercial CCTV drain surveys are becoming increasingly common as the number of new housing and commercial development continues to increase. If you are a Developer, Builder, Architect, Engineer, Surveyor or from a Local Authority, and you want to know the condition or the location network and underground Drains, Sewers & Culverts pipework, then we can help.

Our CCTV drain survey reports include:

  • A full commercial report & DVD
  • Commercial CCTV report via email
  • Manhole depths and locations
  • CAD mapping of the drainage system
  • Recommendations and Costs for Remedial Work

Our expert commercial drains, sewers & culverts CCTV drain survey, conducted by our experienced, insured and licensed engineers, provide you with the location and depth of the drains, sewers & culverts pipes, understanding of their condition, and recommendations regarding any potential risks or items to be aware of.

Commercial CCTV Drain Surveys We Provide

  • Gully Survey
  • Sewer Inspections
  • Man Entry Survey
  • Condition Surveys
  • Confined Space Surveys
  • Culvert Inspection
  • Building Control Survey
  • Sewer Mapping Surveys
  • Commercial Drain Surveys
  • Walk-through Condition Surveys
  • Commercial Land Build Surveys

Looking to Build on a Piece of Commercial Land? 

If so, look no further than the team here at Drain 24/7. When it comes to preparing a piece of land for building work, there are many important factors to consider. One vital step to take is to ensure that you have a CCTV drain survey performed as soon as possible. By doing so, you can then confirm that the pipe work is in good condition, and not posing a risk to the environment.

One way in which to check the pipe work is by using a commercial robotic crawler camera system. Our crawler can travel distances up to 350 meters, and works in diameters up to 4000mm. Better yet, it enables us to have a complete 360-degree view of the pipe work, ensuring we do a thorough job.

Here at Drain 24/7, we are a well-established commercial drains, sewers & culverts inspection contractor within the construction industry, and have a fantastic team on hand to help. Our team only use the latest drainage and sewer CCTV technology, providing you with the best commercial CCTV sewer and drainage solutions. What’s more is that we offer a free no obligation quote, and always offer our expert advice.

For more information give us a call on 0800 612 8038. In addition, Drain247 provides drain mapping services throughout London, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.

What To Expect from a Commercial Survey Inspection

Our CCTV drain survey reports include invert/depth levels, pipe size diameters and photographic evidence of all defects. The reports are sent out primarily via email, whilst hard copies and discs are simultaneously sent out in the post. If requested, additional copies of the report can also be provided.

Our commercial CCTV drain survey engineers have undergone extensive training for OS19X and OS20X WRC standards, and our domestic unit are also trained in using MSCC5 reporting software. We can dispatch a commercial CCTV drain survey engineer to your property within 48 hours.

Drain Survey Report

After surveying all the lines, the data that was gathered is then compiled together and turned into a commercial CCTV Drain Surveys Report. In the report, there will be images and a DVD recording as well as recommendations and cost on how to fix the drainage system.

Drain247 uses the latest CCTV reporting software, commercial drainage report we can provide. We will keep the cost of the survey realistic – so while no drain survey can claim to be cheap, it will be significant value.

Commercial CCTV drain surveys report include:

  • Structural condition of the entire drainage system
  • Delivering high-quality images of any defects found
  • Evidence of vermin or rat within the drainage system
  • Recommendations and cost of any remedial works needed
  • Identifying any misconnections within the drainage system
  • Whether the system is combined foul and rainwater or separate system
  • Whether the system is private or public (owned by the local water authority)
  • Drainage map showing manhole locations, depths, direction flows and components

Drain 247 we have invested in the latest CCTV drain survey equipment and AutoCAD drains mapping technology.  This enables us to stay at the forefront of the CCTV drain survey industry and to deliver survey reports of the highest quality and accuracy. Using our robotic CCTV cameras, we can survey large drains, sewers & culverts diameter pipework from 150mm to 4000mm. Our cameras and inspection equipment can cover large distances to ensure that we can survey all properties, from the smallest commercial properties to the largest industrial properties.

Contact Us for CCTV Drain Services in London, Hertfordshire and the UK

Contact our friendly team of drainage experts today and get a fast, fixed price quotation. From our headquarters which are located in Borehamwood, we provide expert CCTV drain survey and inspection services to Hertfordshire, London and all over the UK.

Feel free to can get in touch via our contact form or call us on 0800 612 8038.

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