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    Commercial CCTV Sewer and Drain Inspections

    At Drain 247, we operate a fleet of high-tech mobile and cordless battery-operated camera units that are capable of surveying sewer and drain pipes with a 360-degree view. We have the ability to inspect pipes from sizes of 100mm up to 4000mm and we can also survey a distance of 500 meters in one run. This is one of the factors that make Drain 247 unique as we can cut down the time that our engineers need to be on-site, meaning less disruption to your property and also a more affordable drain inspection service for you.

    All of our expert operators are fully trained to meet the commercial sewer inspection OS19X and OS20X WRC standards when operating specialist equipment, such as gas monitors, safety regulation harnesses, ropes, as well as full personal protective equipment. This allows our operators to carry out commercial sewer inspections and CCTV surveys in accordance with Health and Safety while also giving you peace of mind knowing that our engineers are specialists within the commercial sewer inspection field.


    Commercial Sewer Inspection

    Our CCTV sewer inspections provide clients with a digital record of their drainage assets, the baseline for its conditions, and a better understanding of potential sewage issues which enables you to make informed decisions.

    Important environmental issues such as verifying if a surface water outfall is leading to a watercourse or if there is an existence of a combined foul and surface water system, are all significant problems that need to be prevented.

    In addition to identifying these problems, our expert engineers will also make suitable remedial actions to help you prevent possible pollution or flooding in the future.

    Types Of Commercial Sewer Inspection We Do

    We provide a wide range of sewer inspection services and we use remote-controlled mainline CCTV crawler units that can inspect sewer mains of diameters from 150mm up to 3000mm. The tilt and pan features enable our cameras to produce lateral views and detailed inspections of buried manholes. See our commercial inspection services below:

    • Sewer Inspections
    • Man Entry Survey
    • Condition Surveys
    • Culvert Inspection
    • Sewer Adoption Surveys
    • Signed Off & Handed Over
    • Walk-through Condition Surveys

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    Why Choose Drain 247?

    Drain 247 provides CCTV surveying services across a broad spectrum of industries, from superstores to working on main sewers. Our commercial underground pipe surveys help locate problems that you cannot see from above ground. We can identify if there is potential root damage, a collapsed drain for subsidence insurance claims, or just to find out why you keep getting recurring blockages. Our CCTV drain surveys offer a fast, effective, and affordable way of diagnosing problems with your sewage and drainage systems.

    At Drain 247, we are very passionate about fulfilling our environmental obligations, which is why we offer a comprehensive service that assists clients with their environmental responsibilities and minimise their impact as part of either an initiative in relation to formal environmental management or as part of general pollution prevention measures. Our commercial sewer inspection service is built around the ideas of both prevention and resolution to ensure that our clients can benefit from their functional drainage systems now and into the future.

    We are able to supply computer-generated reports in different formats to WRC standards. Our full manhole condition surveys, all surveying footage and defect photography are available in any digital format for viewing and ease of storage. In addition to this, we are also able to supply GPS mapping of sewer systems, including cover and invert levels which can be plotted in AutoCAD format. This evidence will be useful further down the line when you are looking to expand or sell the property.


    Large image of CTV Drain Surveys.

    Building on a Piece of Commercial Land?

    If you’re considering building on a piece of commercial land, you may need a commercial CCTV drain survey or sewer inspection. The requirement for these services is becoming increasingly common as the number of new housing and commercial developments continues to rise.

    If you’re a developer, a builder, an architect, an engineer, a surveyor, a local authority, there is a variety of factors to consider when it comes to preparing a piece of land for development.

    You will need to know the exact location and conditions of the underground sewers, drains, or culvert pipework. Without this information, it will be difficult to understand the infrastructure of your sewage and drainage when planning and undertaking design or construction work.

    Our wheel-mounted commercial sewer inspection CCTV cameras can be placed into the drainage or sewage system and send back high-quality images that are displayed through a monitor. This allows our engineers to accurately survey the sewers and produce comprehensive commercial drainage reports.


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    Commercial CCTV Drain Survey Inspection


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