Coopersale Primary School, Epping

Project Summery

The Coopersale Primary School had been having recurring flooding and drain blockages around the premises.

In addition, their sanitation systems were having problems with maintaining a constant flow.

As a result, we were appointed to inspect, diagnose, and repair the drainage problems around the school.

Our engineers first attended the site to conduct an initial survey. Upon completion of the survey, we had identified that the drainage system had not been inspected or maintained for many years.

Due to this, there were root intrusions into the pipes, a build-up of corrosion in the pipework, open joints, fractures, and broken pipes.

This is where our expert team had attended over a period of five days to carry out high-pressure cleaning, descaling of the corroded pipes, and root cutting, where the roots had infiltrated the drainage system.

We also carried out a full CCTV inspection and produced a comprehensive drainage report.

The school was then presented with an up-to-date drainage plan in AutoCAD format which will be beneficial for future maintenance and redevelopments or upgrades to the building structure.