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Drain Repair, Drain Relining and Pipe Lining from Drain 247

Drain relining is a quick, cost-effective way to repair seal gaps and cracks of your drainage lines without having to dig up the pipe. Drain 247 has been carrying out drain repairs for many years in London and Hertfordshire. Damage to drains is typically caused by in-growing tree roots, voids created by broken pipes, and ground-water leaking into the pipe. The drain repair patchy lining and pipe relining service ensure damaged drains are repaired without the cost and disruption of excavating the pipes. 


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Approved Installer Drain Lining & Drain Repair

We are an approved drain repair installer and offer expert drain relining UV lining, and CIPP lining services. Our drain relining engineers bring the highest standard of quality, safety, and integrity to the relining industry. Drain relining and patching is installed with minimal disruption, forming a structural new pipe within the old pipe. The linings bridge and seal gaps and cracks, are resistant to corrosion and are environmentally friendly.


Why Choose us for Drain Repair?

At Drain 247, we provide free estimates and fixed prices. We stand out from the competition and pride ourselves on having no hidden extras.  Our range of domestic drain repair services includes drain repairs, drain patching, and no-dig CIPP solutions.

We have the capability to Pipelining and patch repairs with diameters ranging from 75mm to 1200mm, where excavation would be impractical due to location or depth. A range of drain lining options are available to suit different applications and our expert engineers will identify the most suitable option for your needs. Contact our drain repair specialists to discuss your requirements.


Patch liners can be used to repair localized damage…

Where full end-to-end lining would be unnecessary, this method involves placing a piece of impregnated matter on an elongated inflatable bladder and guiding it into place with the help of a CCTV camera. When it is precisely located, the bladder is inflated, pressing the patch into place. The pressure is maintained until the patch has cured, the bladder is then deflated and withdrawn, and the job is done. Patch liners are becoming increasingly popular for dealing with isolated defects, offering a cost-effective alternative to a full Pipelining and patch repairs.


Benefits of using us:

  • Moling
  • UV Lining
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Inversion Lining
  • Pull-in-place Lining
  • Internal Pipe Coating
  • (Cured In Place Pipe) CIPP Lining


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If you require any more information or have any queries regarding drain repair or drain lining and what to do, then please contact our drainage experts. Call us on 0800 612 8038 or you can complete our quick enquiry form to get your free, no-obligation quote


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