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Drain Mapping and Sewer Pipe Location Mapping

Drainage mapping and pipe location services is a good way to understand the drainage infrastructure of a property and for builder and architect to know exactly where the drainage pipework is positioned below the ground and how close and deep, they are to the property.

The reason for this is to comply with building control and also homeowners, builders, surveyors, architects need to determine if a build over agreement is required or not with the local water authority (LWA). Our drain mapping services will provide you with an accurate plan of all drains in a given area or around a certain property it’s very important when considering a building or extending your property.


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What Included
✔ Sonar Tracing
✔ Computerised Drainage Plan
✔ Transfer Data to AutoCAD
✔ Pipe Location Mapping
✔ Direction Flow, Pipe Size Dimension
✔ Manhole Location & Invert levels
✔Confirming Ownership Private or Public

When Planning A Project

You must be aware of the location of your drains before going ahead with any building work. You need to know exactly where the drains and sewers are and who they belong to because sometimes local water authority drainage systems can often be found running through the property. It is essential to carry out drain mapping services to avoid damage to the (LWA) drainage system and to obtain a detailed plan showing the internal and all external drainage runs and connections within the property boundary.

Our drainage experts can provide critical information about the condition and location of the underground pipework and accurately pinpoint any sewer or drainage pipework running through or around a domestic or commercial property. We use specialist Sonar Tracing and GIS/GPS mapping equipment to confirm the drain depth, invert levels and direction flow as well as providing an accurate and comprehensive detailed plan.


How Much Does Drain Mapping Services Cost?

Drain 247 offers a fixed price drainage mapping service that is affordable, accurate, professional and provides critical information about the condition and location of underground pipes. It is vital when planning and undertaking both design and construction work. You MUST inspect your drainage infrastructure system before any building work can take place.


Sewer and Drain Mapping Survey 

One that allows architects, builders & surveyors, residential property owners to determine whether a ‘build over’ agreement is required or not. We have been providing drain mapping services since 1984. It’s easy to see why we have become the first choice mapping & charting company in this field because we can accurately pinpoint any sewer or drainage pipework in and around London and Hertfordshire.

We have invested in the latest high-quality CCTV camera technology and crawler cam tracking units to to survey on pipework diameter from 100mm up to 4000mm pipework.


What Is Drainage Mapping?

This is the process of tracing underground drains and locating existing underground drain lines, finding out where they go and plotting the information onto a site plan; the method used to gather this information can range from sonar tracing to GPS location, water/dye tests to laser profiling to a topographical survey – our drain 247 engineers are capable of carrying all works out quickly and efficiently.


In-House AutoCAD Team

Our in-house team and external engineers can map and create a new AutoCAD drainage plan or transfer drainage & sewer data onto an existing domestic or commercial AutoCAD map. The accuracy of this data is crucially important for architects and developers, and to meet this level of quality.


What Is Sonar Tracing?

Sonar drain tracing is a method of mapping surveys and it locates your drainage pipework; this technique relies heavily on sending out a signal from a sonde transmitter that’s been integrated into our CCTV camera heads the signal is then sent back up and picked up by the drain tracing sonde receiver the engineer is using above ground. The engineer is then able to pinpoint the depth and location of the pipework, although sometimes the signal can become distorted due to interference from other utility services cables.


What Is GPS Mapping?

This is a type of mapping, drain charting and drain & tracing underground drains services that integrate GPS locations with a sonar drain tracing. The contractor will use the utility drain tracing sonde and GPS tracer to be able to obtain the longitude and latitude reading. the data will then be transferred to the mapping service. The benefit of this is to allow for approx. location of the pipework to be obtained in accordance with the drain tracing sonde equipment manufacturers guidelines.

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