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    Drain Mapping and Sewer Pipe Location Mapping

    Drain mapping and drain pipe location mapping is a good way to understand the underground drainage system that runs underneath a commercial or domestic property. It’s particularly useful for builders, architects, and building developers to know exactly where the foul wastewater and surface water connection pipework is positioned below the ground and how deep and close they are to the property, making it a vital source of information if you are looking to do work within the home.

    Our drain mapping and sewer mapping services provide essential information about your drainage systems in a digital format that comes fully annotated with site plans of the drainage system, as well as the associated drainage information such as the drain depths, the invert levels, the direction flow, the drain locations and more.

    This information is used to comply with the land registry, building control, homeowners, builders, surveyors, and architects also use this to determine whether a build-over agreement is required or not with the Local Water Authority (LWA). By having access to this information, you may be able to save yourself a fair deal of time and money when looking to implement changes within your home.

    Our drainage mapping services will provide you with an accurate plan of all foul wastewater and surface water in a given area or around the property. It’s also very important to have this information when you are considering a building or extending your property.

    If something does go wrong with your drainage system, having drain mapping and sewer pipe location services makes it easier to discern the root of the problems and prevent future problems.


    How Much Do Drain Mapping Services Cost?

    We understand that every drain mapping project is unique and will require a bespoke set of services and tools. To ensure that our costs are transparent, we offer fixed priced quotes for anyone looking to make use of our many services.

    Our drainage utility mapping services can help you get your building project safely underway We aim to maximize the value by offering a professional, fixed-price bespoke service Our engineers and surveyors have access to surveying applications and a robust set of tools, including state-of-the-art laser scanners and measurement equipment drain survey for our customers. We know that every property and every business is unique so we offer fixed price quotes for all of our drainage utility mapping.

    Our professional drainage consultant will focus on helping you establish efficient and safe processes and make workflow decisions based on vital reports, information, and data. During this process, you will not only improve the functionality or fix any issues with your drainage but also get advice on how to care for your system going into the future.

    We use the latest equipment, such as:

    ✔ 3D mapping
    ✔ Sonar drain tracing
    ✔ Pipe location mapping
    ✔ CCTV drainage and sewage mapping surveys
    ✔ GPS, GIS, and electromagnetic surveys
    ✔ Manhole location & Invert levels

    By providing a wide range of mapping and sewer related services, we cater to the bespoke needs of our clients, making sure that if there is something that needs to be done, our team is able to do it. The technology we use ensures pinpoint accuracy of our drainage plans and our engineers are able to work in all areas of London and Hertfordshire.

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    What’s the Drain Mapping Process?

    As a leading drain mapping services company in London and Hertfordshire, Drain 247 invests in the latest technology and comprehensive training so that we can remain at the forefront of this specialized industry. We’re familiar with an extensive range of mapping principles, such as CCTV, Sonar, GPS, and GIS.

    When our experienced engineers arrive at your property, depending on the type of mapping service required, we will use the appropriate technology to map out your entire drainage system. Most of the time, we will use state-of-the-art CCTV cameras that can easily fit into your pipes and this will provide high-quality images for our mapping engineers to work with.

    Once the mapping service has been carried out, our expert engineers will produce a comprehensive drainage plan and we will also provide advice on remedial works if necessary. They will also be able to provide you with information on areas of potential weakness which could cause issues further down the line.


    Why Do You Need Drain Mapping?

    There are several reasons for needing your drains to be mapped professionally. Drain 247 mapping service will document vital underground assets, allowing the client to have a better understanding of the underground utility within their project.

    This allows them to make informed decisions and update existing utilities on outdated plans and systems. When you need to go ahead with building work, you need to understand the location of your drains and sewers as you need to be aware of exactly where the drains are and who these drains belong to.

    Sometimes, the Local Water Authority (LWA) drainage systems can be found running through the property and it’s essential to carry out drainage mapping so that you can avoid damaging the LWA drainage system.

    By obtaining a detailed drainage sewer plan that shows all of the internal and external drainage runs and connections, you will be informed and better positioned when carrying out building works.

    As leading providers of sonar tracing and drain mapping services in London and Hertfordshire, our drainage engineers work in all areas of utility mapping and sewer mapping location and can provide critical reports about the condition and exact location of the underground pipework pinpoint any sewer or drainage pipework running through or around a domestic or commercial property.

    Using specialist equipment, such as GPS and GIS, our engineers are able to confirm the drain depth, invert levels, and direction flow as well as providing an accurate and detailed plan.

    Why Choose Drain 247?

    Drain 247 has decades of experience in providing high-quality drain mapping services and we know that having a trusted company that you can rely on for any mapping services is very important. Our company is built on the strong foundations of relationships that we have built with our clients over the years. With our own ethos tailored around fulfilling the needs of our clients to the highest degree of quality, we’re a company that you can rely on for a wide range of surveying and mapping services.

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    In-House AutoCAD Team

    Our in-house commercial and domestic drainage consultant engineers can map and create a new AutoCAD drainage plan or transfer the drainage, waste, and sewer mapping data onto an existing domestic or commercial AutoCAD map. The accuracy of this data is crucially important for architects and developers, and we can meet this high level of quality.


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