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Drain Surveying

Here at Drain 247, we offer a wide range of drain surveying services for both domestic and commercial clients to fit their needs; from a simple domestic drain inspection to a large commercial survey, you can be sure that we have the right equipment and qualified engineers to complete the work to your satisfaction.

Over the years, we have ensured that we invest in the latest drain surveying equipment and software to be able to produce a detailed and comprehensible drain survey report at a fair and fixed price whilst keeping the high quality of work we are known for.

Faults That May Be In The Drains

  1. Blockages
  2. Open Joints
  3. Root Intrusion
  4. Rats or Vermin
  5. Displaced Joints
  6. Cracks/Fractures
  7. Broken or Collapsed Pipes

Many People Buying A New Home Assume  That when they instruct a surveyor to carry out a full homebuyer or a building survey to check the condition of the property they automatically assume that this will covers the drains. But this is not the case the surveyor only lifts the drain covers to inspect the condition of the manhole but he cannot be certain of the condition or if they are any defects within the drainage system below ground he will then instruct you to get a qualified cctv drain survey company like us who have the specialist CCTV drain survey equipment necessary to carry out a pre-purchase cctv drain survey or homebuyer drain survey.

It is Worth Bearing In Mind That if you do not consider having a pre-purchase drain survey carry out and just buy the house anyway and if any problems are discovered after you buy the property you may have great difficulty in finding an insurer that will pay for the remedial work of any pre-existing drainage problems so simply avoid this by having a  comprehensive Drain Survey.

If there is any repairs found in th  drainage report it may be possible for you to negotiate the cost of the repairs off the purchase price  with the seller.

We understand the importance of resolving your issues quickly, and therefore offer a fast response to getting an Engineer to your property. We Pride Ourselves on being friendly, helpful and clear in the service & advice we offer, and the low fixed prices we charge

If you are thinking of buying a New Property Do not get caught out with expensive drain repair bill simply avoid this by having a comprehensive Pre-Purchase Drain Survey today, Mortgage providers are increasingly insisting on a pre-purchase drain inspection before offering a mortgage to new home ower

Benefits of a Drain Inspection Surveys.

  1. Full Written Drain Survey report plus a DVD recording
  2. All references to manhole depths and locations within the property
  3. A qualified engineer to carry out the Homebuyer CCTV Drain Survey inspection
  4. Washing out of the drains before the survey is carryout (Not jetting)
  5. A Drawing of the drainage layout
  6. Recommendations and costing of remedial work

Buying a New Home Is the biggest investment you are likely to make in your lifetime be sure you know the condition of the entire drainage system before you sign “be sure to check” or it could costs you more. Drains might be invisible but they should be considered as part of the overall purchase assessment particularly if you considering buying a new home.

Benefits of Using Our Services

  • Same Day or Next Day Service
  • Low fixed prices No call out-charges
  • Can pick up keys from local estate agents if required
  • Report emailed for quick viewing on contract exchange
  • Our engineers can carry out the survey with no one at home
  • Access inside not needed as long as manholes accessible outside
  • Our vehicles are fully equipped with their own electric and water
  • Peace of mind knowing that the drainage system is in good working order
  • A verbal report of any problems detected can be given at the time of inspection

Service & Price Details

Our Drain Surveying Services cost are based on how many manholes there are on-site and if the drainage system requires cleaning. A standard terraced house would normally take 1 hour to survey and 45min to clean the drainage pipe works for an engineer to be able to produce a quality Drain Survey report.



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