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How To Choose the Right Manhole Cover?

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Choosing the correct manhole cover can be difficult but, in this blog, we dive deep into detail, filtering out the solution to acquiring the correct manhole. Read below.

What is a Manhole cover

A Manhole cover is a removeable disc used to cover up entrance to drainage or sewer systems. Manholes are located everywhere in your area; mostly commonly found in roads, pavements, driveways and airports.

What size do you need?

This is also a point of confusion, because the manhole covers are made and labelled as’ simple opening depth, which is simply the depth of the hole that the cover is to protect, not the real width of the manhole cover.
It is vital that the appropriate size is made, because if it is too small then the manhole cover is likely to collapse. Getting too wide a cover may be fine, unless the cover is secured on the underside. Nevertheless, the best technique is to guarantee the right size of the cover.

Types of Manhole sealing

There are a variety of manhole sealing such as the no seal which is usually placed on top of its frame, a heavy duty cast iron or an unsealed slide out cover.
Another suitable manhole could be the double seal which is simply a double tongue and groove joint that forms a comprehensive seal. This is required when a foul drainage manholes are situated within buildings.

Damage to the manhole

Something to pay attention closely to is a crack in the Manhole cover, no matter how low the risk might be, it can greatly reduce the strength of the cover. It is also necessary to notify or repair the damaged manhole cover as early as possible, because all that can be done is for someone to walk over the shattered manhole cover then ending up slipping through it injuring themselves.

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