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Drain blockages are more likely to occur through the winter months, and they can wreak havoc on your pipes, drains, and plumbing systems. Your drains are the most critical part of your home to maintain, and a little preparation before winter is well-advised.

What Causes Blocked Drains?

Drains become blocked for various reasons, most of which are related to what is going through them. Household debris is a major cause of blockages in drainage pipes. Debris includes soap, hair, and scum, as well as cooking fats such as oil, lard, and grease. These collect quickly in pipes during colder weather, and they are more likely to stiffen and clog together at this time of year. This type of debris tends to stick to the walls of your piping and drains.

Ice is another problem that occurs when the temperature drops below zero degrees. Standing or slow-moving water can freeze quickly, causing a build-up of ice in your pipes and drains. Ice first forms on the pipe’s inner face and gradually thickens, reducing the pipe’s capacity, eventually causing a complete blockage.

It is not just things from within the home that pose a risk. Nature’s debris can also accumulate, and leaves, twigs, mud, and rubble can all contribute to blocking a drain’s outdoor entrance.

How to Avoid Drain Blockages

Prevention averts disaster, so it makes great sense to take action now before you get blocked drains.

First, check your stop valve operates and is not being affected by corrosion. It is an excellent practice to open and close the stopcock every couple of weeks and if there are any problems, call in a plumber straight away.

Be wary of slow draining sinks, showers, and baths. This can be the first indication that water is not flowing as it should. You should remove accumulating debris sitting on top of outdoor drains and have a plumber repair or replace any dripping taps. A slow drip puts a constant trickle of water into the drain, which is highly prone to freezing.

If you intend to tackle a frozen pipe yourself, pour hot water onto a towel and apply this to the pipe. Pouring boiling water into a frozen pipe or drain can cause it to crack or fracture.

You can also contract a drain company to come out and conduct annual maintenance before the harshest weather arrives. They will check your pipes and plumbing vents for faults and repair them before they cause problems.

If an inspection of your drains is well overdue, and you want to avoid the inconvenience of not being able to use your sink, bath, shower, and toilet, it is time to give Drain 247 a call. We will help you avoid any nasty and expensive surprises just before Christmas.

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