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The UK has seen some of its most severe floods in the past couple of weeks. Residents of many towns have had to move out of their houses because of the amount of rainfall that has hit particular areas of the UK. Our drains cannot cope with the vast amount of water that comes with this heavy rainfall.

We have had a large number of calls over the past couple of weeks for drainage unblocking and fixing drains in the local community. They’re fit to drain a certain amount of water when the amount goes over this, the drains are in trouble and damage to properties can occur.

Are You Experiencing A Blocked Drain?

If your drains are smelling and overflowing, these are signs of a blockage. Get in touch with Drain 247 for a drain unblock quote.

Here are a few drainage issues that occur after heavy rain:

Broken Pipes

Heavy rain can have a negative impact on the soil surrounding the pipes, which then puts huge pressure on them as a result. This can lead to cracks in the pipework allowing soil and debris in resulting in a blockage. Finally, there is a chance if the material gets into the pipes then flooding can be caused.

Blocked Drains

Drainage systems can only hold a certain volume of water, however when heavy rainfall occurs it often cannot deal with the volume leading to flooding. In the summer months drains often have seeds germinate and grow into plants, which is no problem when the rainfall is at a normal volume as the water can flow through the drain at a normal rate. However, when the water volume gets too high, the plants that grow get in the way of the flow of water and block areas of the drains, particularly on the bends. The result of the blockage to the drains is that they backup and flood. Poorly maintained drains cause larger issues, plants and debris get pushed further down the drainage system by the heavy rain. This leads to the flooding of properties, showing the importance of drainage unblocking.


Another way heavy rain can be a nuisance is when too much water is saturated into the soil, impacting the foundations of buildings making them unstable, this is called subsidence. When too much water is being pumped out from beneath the ground, this reduces the space above ground making buildings tend to collapse because their foundations have been disturbed. Excess water should be removed as soon as the heavy rainfall has stopped, allowing the ground to dry.

Water Flow

Water always flows downwards and the key to understanding drainage is the science of gravity. Pipe Installation is crucial in water flow management, we must ensure that water is flowing in the right direction, without this severe flooding can occur. Incorrect pipe fitting can have serious consequences with foreign particles building up in the drains resulting in blockages. This is where Drain 247 comes in, we’re specialists in drainage unblocking which will allow water to flow in a natural course through the system.

Are You Experiencing A Blocked Drain?

If your drains are smelling and overflowing, these are signs of a blockage. Get in touch with Drain 247 for a drain unblock quote.

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