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Archives: Help Centre Articles

5 Reasons Why Your Drains may be Blocked

Blocked drains are perhaps the most inconvenient maintenance issue that will put your life on a standstill, as you can spend the best part of the day trying to clear out your shower drain, only to find out that it...
Posted on 20th Feb 2021 by admin_drain
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Are Cured in Place Pipe Liners Safe?

Cured in place piping can be extremely dangerous task which does prove to be very useful as trenchless technology develops further. Testing of CIPP installations Is needed to confirm that materials comply with the site and engineering requirements as following...
Posted on 8th Sep 2020 by admin_drain
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Image of a property with drains.

Recent Drainage Requirements Will Result in House Prices Rocketing

Description: Meeting the drain requirements is a very important process to protecting your home from flooding but comes with a cost... Read below for more information. Drainage requirements A good drainage system should stick the requirements allocated to them depending...
Posted on 8th Sep 2020 by admin_drain
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How Wipes Can Cause Blockages in Your Drains and Pipes

Many people are not aware that facial wipes, baby wipes, kitchen roll, tampons and feminine pads can all cause blockages because they were not designed to be flushed down home toilet systems. They are often non-biodegradable and can easily clog...
Posted on 13th Jul 2020 by admin_drain
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Image of a Sewer

Are you wondering where you can find drain repair company?

Being told the news that your pipes or drains need repairs can be hard to hear – you have to factor in the cost, the duration of the job, and the excavation that will take place in order to access...
Posted on 5th Jul 2020 by admin_drain
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Image of a kitchen sink.

Affordable Drainage Contractors

Experiencing problems with your drains can be frustrating and time consuming. Whether you’ve noticed a leak that is causing water to flow back into the building, or you have a blocked sink, it’s important to have them investigated and fixed...
Posted on 5th Jul 2020 by admin_drain
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Image of a sewer manhole.

Cost of Cleaning and Unclogging Drains

Blocked drains are not generally noticed until they begin causing issues, such as the toilet not flushing properly or if the sink begins flooding. Be that as it may, once in a while, you may notice an early indication of...
Posted on 1st May 2020 by admin_drain
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Drain Survey

When Will You Need a CCTV Survey?

What is a CCTV Drain Survey? CCTV drain surveys utilise closed-circuit television technology that enables drainage engineers to have a visual method of assessing the inside of your drain pipes. This method means that a drainage engineer can lower a...
Posted on 18th Mar 2020 by admin_drain
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Image of a drain.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Put Down The Drain

Damaged drains are often caused by neglect of your drains. Over time, fatty foods or oil will build up causing the drains to clog. Here at Drain 247, we not only provide a fast and effective drain unblocking service, but...
Posted on 20th Feb 2020 by admin_drain
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Image of a shower head

What Causes Blocked Shower Drains?

Have you ever wondered why your shower block or drain away slowly. Blockages in your shower pipes and u-bends can later cause bigger blockages in your drainage system. The blockages can be the result of many different things such as...
Posted on 8th Jan 2020 by admin_drain
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