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5 Reasons Why Your Drains may be Blocked

Blocked drains are perhaps the most inconvenient maintenance issue that will put your life on a standstill, as you can spend the best part of the day trying to clear out your shower drain, only to find out that it is blocked up again the following week!

Here are some common factors that may be the reason for your drains getting clogged up constantly…



Perhaps the most common and well-known factor for blocked drains is of course hair. With it varying in thickness and length for every individual, it is almost impossible for drainage companies to stop hair clogging up your shower drain. The best way to prevent this is to stop any hair going down the drain in the first place by placing air guards over your drain so that no hair can get into the drain.


Food Waste

Differing from hair in that the previous factor clogging your drains is no fault of your own. Food waste, on the other hand is. You should never empty left over food into your drains, instead perhaps set up a composting pile as this is also the most environmentally friendly way of dealing with food waste. This is all because foods can contain types of greases and oils that will solidify within your pipes and cause a blocked drain. You should instead, absorb oils and greases on paper towels and throw it into the compost.



You may be wondering how something that is used to clean your body can be detrimental to your pipes. However, traditional soap bars are made using grease or fat. These of course (when broken down) can easily cause a blocked drain. Instead of this, you should use fat free or better yet liquid based soaps, such as body wash to eliminate the traces of soap build up in your drains.


Tree Roots

Although this may sound rather unusual and uncommon, it does not take much for a simple crack in your underground pipe to allow tree roots to grow and cause major blockages. Clearing tree roots can be a serious task, you may need to use equipment like pressure jets or even the process of excavation. This of course is a costly process so it is something you want to avoid when it comes to blocked drains. If you notice any early signs of this, be sure to get in touch with a professional drainage expert such as our specialists at Drain247, and solve this problem immediately.


Small Objects

As the title pretty much already implies, small objects can find their way into your drains and cause a blockage very easily. The only things you should be putting down your drains are water, toilet paper and human waste, all other objects should wither be binned, placed into compost or recycled.


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