30 Nov. 16

Considering Buying a New or Old House

If you are considering buying a new or old house, this is one of the biggest investment a person is ever likely to make so one of the things that people should consider is having the drains checked because these can become very expensive to repair if they are situated under the property and will cause a lot of inconveniences if they have to be dug up; you do not want to be paying for a pre-existing drain problem that may already exist.

“Be sure to check the drains”

Most properties have some form of drainage system within the property boundary and are mostly hidden underground, some properties have manholes or inspection chambers which are quite visible and some don’t. Drains might be invisible but they should be considered as part of your overall purchase particularly if you are considering buying a new property.

Anyone considering buying a new home should be aware that many mortgage providers are increasingly insisting on a pre-purchase drain inspection before offering a mortgage on a home.

Don’t take the chance when buying a new home that all is well with the drains – any problems can be quickly found and a solution provided. Imagine not carrying such a survey for your peace of mind and then discovering there is a serious problem with the property’s drains.

Also, many people buying a new home assume that when they instruct a surveyor to carry out a full/part homebuyer or building survey to check the condition of the property they are considering buying, they automatically assume that this will cover the drains on the property.

However, this is not the case the surveyor that you have instructed will only lift the manhole or inspection cover if it is easy to lift them to inspect the condition but he/she cannot be certain of the condition or any defects within the drainage system.

Unfortunately, when you get your report back from your surveyor he or she will then inform you to instruct a qualified drain inspection company, who have the specialist drain survey equipment necessary to carry out this type of drain inspection survey. It is also worth bearing in mind that if you do not consider having an inspection and just buy the house anyway then you should be aware of any subsequent problems.

The main issue is that you may have great difficulty in finding an insurer that will pay for the remedial work of any pre-existing drainage problems once you have completed on the exchange so it is simpler and easier to avoid this by having an inspection.

Some of the things that an inspection report may find; these are tree root intrusion, redundant drain lines, displaced or open joints, partial or total collapse pipes which could allow water into the surrounding areas which could possibly undermine the foundation of the property, rodent or rats infestation, build ups of fat or limescale stopping or restricting the drainage system from functioning correctly.

“Remember: “be sure to check the drains” or it could costs you more in the long-run!”