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Cost of Cleaning and Unclogging Drains

Image of a sewer manhole.

Blocked drains are not generally noticed until they begin causing issues, such as the toilet not flushing properly or if the sink begins flooding. Be that as it may, once in a while, you may notice an early indication of a blocked drain such as bad smells or odors.
Essential drain unblocking includes expelling the blockage and flushing through the pipe network. There are also other DIY options available for the less significant drain blockages.

Blockages typically occur due to the formation of fat, oil, and other bits of dirt in the pipes. Other types of typical causes are usually mud, hair strands, and food waste. It’s important that blockages are handled as soon as a problem is noticed otherwise it could end up costing you a fortune later on.

Issues relating to blocked drains can become worse over time and lead to bigger problems.
When it comes to the maintenance of a drain, its good practice to check your drains every once in a while to ensure that no blockages are building up. However, if it’s been a long time since you have checked your drains, then you may wish to take on an expert to professionally inspect your drains.

This could cost £40 – £65 but it would be a worthwhile investment as it gives you peace of mind knowing that your drains have been checked by an expert. If you notice some symptoms of a blocked drain and you would like an expert to take a look for you, then please get in touch with our drainage experts at Drain 247. We can provide a free quote for your drain unblocking.


Facts about Blocked Drains

Drain blockages are usually caused by a build-up of fats, oils, and other thick substances that are unable to fully flush through the pipes. Sometimes, tree roots could be the cause as they can grow into the pipes, causing them to crack and cause a blockage. In any case, a build-up of such substances or roots would cause a blockage and you will notice this by the foul smells.

If you leave the drains blocked, then this can lead to flooding and other problems that could be a headache to resolve later on. The best way to prevent blockage is to regularly check your drains and be mindful of what you put down the drains, such as cooking oil, hair, and other thick substances.

Usually, oils are the main offender so it’s important to dispose of these liquids responsibly. Regular cleaning of your drains will ensure that they stay clean and unblocked. Some people also tend to clean the drains by letting the vinegar sit in the drains and then flushing it with hot water. This can be a cheap and effective way of maintaining the sink and bathtub.


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