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Drainage and Sewer Works

Image of sewer works.

Drainage and sewer

Drainage is known as the removal of sub surface water or the water present on the surface either naturally or artificially. Whereas, sanitary sewer refers to the transport of sanitary waste from commercial areas and houses to a proper waste disposal site through an underground system of sewerage. It is also referred to as foul sewer.

Types of drainage systems

Well Drainage

To improve the productivity of plants and quality of soil this system is used. It prevents the salinity of soil and maintains the water table by providing the water for agriculture through wells.

Deep Drainage

In this hydrological process, the water seeps in from surface to ground. It can occur both naturally and artificially and maintains the proper level of water table underground.

Street Edge Alternatives Project

It emphasizes on the drainage procedure that is closely related to the natural drainage system or developed procedures rather than the traditional ways of drainage.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

These encourage the installation of drainage systems that are dependent on the natural flow of water in nature.

Slot drainage

It is one of the best methods of drainage that has gained a lot of importance in the recent years as it provides the best way for collection of water and almost eliminates the use of pipeline system of drainage and thus greatly removes the environmental impact of production.

Types of sewer systems

Conventional Gravity sewers

In the past, the pipes that waste from one place to another were mainly dependent on the size and area of the place from where waste was being collected.

Effluent sewers

These sewers are also known as solids-free sewer systems and have special septic tanks that collect waste from the houses and buildings and the effluents that seep out are sent to the sewage treatment plant or a treatment system for further processing.

Simplified sewers

These consist of pipes that are of small diameters and laid o the flat gradients. They are of low cost but are difficult to maintain and run.

Vacuum sewers

These sewer systems are basically present in low lying areas. The diameter of the pipes used in this system varies from very small to very large pipes and at the junction of each two pipes a grinder pump is located that use different atmospheric pressures to take away the sewerage water to the main vacuum station for further processing.

Importance of drainage and sewer works

Both these processes are of great importance as the drainage helps to improve the fertility of soil and growth of plants. Also, it contributes greatly to maintain the quality of life and water supply. Following are some of the beneficial aspects that are greatly dependent on the proper drainage and sewer systems.

Ensuring the quality of water

Water is an important natural resource and almost all the living beings are greatly dependent on it for their survival. To ensure the good quality of water it is necessary to establish good sewer and drainage system. Once the clean water is obtained it can be used for agricultural and various other purposes.

Reduce the incidence of floods

A proper drainage and sanitary system maintain the proper disposal of water. It protects the area from the direct damage of floods and maintains the proper infrastructure and other facilities within the area.

Promoting tourism

It maintains the sustainable development and also protects the environment against flooding and other hazards thus maintaining the proper quality of life. It then in return promotes the tourism and adds to the natural beauty and maintenance of the area.

Preservation of natural environment

In the past years the sewer systems were not that much effective and resulted in the pollution of the water resources, nowadays the waste is disposed of off in the proper way using advanced sewerage systems and works. In the processing of sewerage, a number of by products are produced that include methane gas and treated bio-solids. These treated bio-solids are used as the fertilizers for producing good quality crops and the methane gas is used for the production of energy. In this way, both the drainage and sewer systems are important processes in the preservation of natural environment.

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