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Health Risks Associated With Mould and Damp

Image of mould.

The presence of damp and mould in your home won’t just affect the look of your house but also your health. There is a musty smell accompanied with lack of ventilation. These smells are associated with damp. The reason why we have more cases of biological agents in our indoor environment is because of the presence of damps and improper ventilation. When there is excess moisture on all indoor materials, there would automatically be the growth of varieties of microbes such as fungi, bacteria, mould and others. All they do is emit cells, spores and volatile organic compounds into the indoor environment. With these negative developments, damps and moulds have been suggested to be capable of creating health problem.

It is very essential that you keep your home at a perfect and favorable humidity level. This is because allowing moulds to grow and develop will only attract dust mites. Moulds are well capable of contaminating every other place in your home if you don’t take any step against them. It can develop and spread to your floor, upholstery and even any carpet close to the affected area.

Because moulds comes from the fungus family, it Is necessary you take steps to eliminate them, if you don’t, it will create some health related issues for both you and your pets.

Have you ever felt that damp smell? If yes! Then just know that there are fungi happily developing in your home, and the most efficient way you can stop their development is by using a dehumidifier. Now that we understand that both mould and damp are not environmental and health friendly, we also need to understand the health risk associated with the damp and mould present in homes.

Obviously, the most common health related risk associated with the presence of moulds and damps in homes is its negative effect on the lungs. These effects often come in form of dry throat, cough, and wheezing. Perhaps you are experiencing this symptom. You can do yourself a favor by checking for any availability of damps and moulds in your home. Are you an asthma patient? Or you live with someone suffering from it? If yes, then you need to be more careful with damps and moulds because it has been discovered to trigger or ignite asthma attacks in people, it can lead to respiratory problems.

Excess damp can also constitute to symptoms which we can relate with cold. These symptoms include puffy eyes, runny nose, headache and tiredness. If you fail to solve your damp problem, then you are actually welcoming a much risky case known as flu. The reason for this occurrence is that a developed mould would form the dust mites which many people are allergic to.

To reference our point, in some years back, guidelines were issued by the World Health Organization for Indoor Air Quality: Dampness and Mould. Moreover, different recent studies have discovered a highly effective relationship between exposure to mould and asthma in children. This is much common to children who are much susceptible to asthma. Therefore you shouldn’t joke with the issue of damps and moulds in your home if you want a healthy family. It doesn’t stop here. There are also relationship between damp, mould and other adverse effects like acute idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage in infants, memory loss, or lethargy, and moulds, including the mould Stachybotrys chartarum (Stachybotrys atra). Although these relationship have not yet been strongly proven. Further studies are necessary to find out the real cause of acute idiopathic hemorrhage and all other adverse health effects. Above all, it is important you know how to clean any mould in your home. The next question here is, what steps do you need to take to ensure that you are safe from the adverse effect of damps and moulds? Well it is not so hard, nobody is teaching you a rocket science-like method here, they are all simple and easy to implement.

Don’t ever make the mistake of leaving your laundries to dry indoors without receiving ventilation. What we mean here is that make sure your open your windows.

Do you love to close your windows when showering? If yes! Please stop, because this is the top reason why you see those moulds growing in your bathroom. Always open those windows.

If you notice the presence of damp in a particular area of your home, don’t worry, check the nearest stores and ask for a dehumidifier. It helps to eliminate any excess moisture found in air solving the issue before it result into any health problems.

Clean! Clean and clean, if you notice any sign of mould, don’t ignore, remove immediately using your detergent. This would go a long way in making you escape the health risks associated with mould and damp.

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