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Home Maintenance

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When you own a home you are responsible for all of the maintenance for it. This is not limited to the roof, windows and the state of the interiors; the sewer systems and drains located on your property are also your responsibility. If in any doubt about who must maintain and repair drains and sewers and the boundaries get in touch with your local water authority who will advise which fall under their jurisdiction and which belong to your property.

Sewer blockages are common with scale, fat, grease and even soap building up over time and solidifying, narrowing the openings and causing water to build up or be blocked altogether. A conventional drain rod clear-out would ease the blockage, allowing sewage to flow once more however this is often a temporary solution as the build-up is not fully broken down and cleared.

Toilets, showers, sinks and drains are also at risk from blockages and build-ups with hair, shampoo, grease and more blocking pipes and drains occur regularly. While the common quick solution is to simply throw a bottle of bleach down the drains and into the toilet all that this does is make unblocking the drain considerably less pleasant when the experts arrive. Snake drain un-blockers, plungers and similar quick fixes again might dislodge enough debris to ensure to allow for the flow to be restored however it will soon re-clog as the build-up has not be dealt with.

As part of the maintenance of your home it is important to ensure that your drains and sewers are properly cleaned and that issues are dealt with swiftly. Here at Drain247 we employ a range of up to date and proven techniques with top of the range equipment to not only unblock drains and sewers; we ensure the build-up is completely removed. You might be surprised to find that our charges are actually more affordable then you might have expected and costs are fixed so no unexpected or inflated bills.

Drains and sewers that are blocked up, backed up and which are ill-maintained will over time cause damage which may result in a costly repair job. We offer a range of services specific to your needs so that if you need a property’s drains checked prior to buying it (this is not usually covered in a surveyor’s report) or a comprehensive check and clear we are on hand to help.

When putting your list of home maintenance tasks onto your calendar don’t forget to include having your drains and the sewers checked as leaving a problem like this could end up more costly than you would expect.

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