06 Dec. 16

How to Avoid Floods in the Property

Flooding causes a lot of damage, not only to lives but also to properties. The injuries inflicted by the floods on the properties are immense, and one has to spend a large sum of money to repair all the damages. The smelly carpets, walls, furniture with most of the electronic appliances ruined. Repairing and replacing all the damaged electrical wires, repaint the walls, change the floorboards, all of it means spending a lot of money. Thus it is better to avoid such damages by the flooding in the first place.

Reasons for flood and necessary planning required

Flooding can occur due to some reasons, overflowing of the rivers or dams, flat surface of the land would result in water logging in the rain. Also if the drainage system of the area is not safe, it may also cause the water to get stranded on the land.

Therefore it is necessary for the property owner to plan properly before developing the property. The location of a property is critical. Low lying areas are more prone to flooding and waterlogging. One should first find out whether the area that is being decided upon is flood prone or not.

Some other steps you can take to save your property

If the concerned property is in a flood-prone area one way is to develop the property above the water line. The yard can be made bit sloping and better drainage system would allow the water to stand too long. Moreover, the switchboards, circuit breaker, and sockets should be raised from the bottom and be located at an elevated level where water wouldn’t reach.

All the air conditioning machines, fuel tanks, and generators are to be raised above the ground level and then anchored. If the fuel tanks are left unanchored, then the severed off pipelines are capable of contaminating the surrounding floor.

Also, the electrical equipment should also be high above the ground.

The piers and the columns are raised from the ground, and this would allow even the lowest floor to remain above the level of the flood water. The wall can be coated with sealing materials a method called ‘dry coating’ which keeps out the flood.

When the water levels are rosining the owners of the property should clean up the gutters and the pipelines so that water can flow through them and subside faster.

All the electrical appliances should be moved to higher floors so that water cannot reach them.