Image Of An Outside Drain gully

28 Dec. 16

How to Maintain the Drains in Your Property

It is the responsibility of every home-owner to make sure that the drainage system of the property is working fine. If the drains are not maintained then it may cause overflowing of water, and also make situations worse during the floods. A poor drainage system may cause water to stand and many other damages as well.

Thus ensuring well-maintained drains in the property walls is the responsibility of every home-owner It is first necessary to understand the drainage system on one’s property. All the private and public pipelines are connected and work side by side to carry water and sewerage.

Private Pipelines

The private pipelines are responsible for passing all the water from the homes such as water from the sinks, toilets, showers, clothes, dishwashers and so on. This private pipeline is connected to a bigger pipeline that carries these away from the homes and the streets.

These pipelines also carry stormwater as well. The water from rainfall or snow is referred to as stormwater. The basements and the driveways are made sloping so that the stormwater flows directly into the catch basins which are again connected to large stormwater pipeline underground. Thus if the drains are not maintained and cleaned then it would block the water flow causing a lot of trouble.

Things to keep in mind

Thus it is necessary to make sure that there is nothing that is clogging the drain passageway. CCTV surveys can point out where the damage has occurred and helped in repairing it. If there is any problem in the draining of water through the drains then it should immediately be fixed. If the draining takes time then the experts should be consulted and the problem should be taken care of without wasting too much time.

The drains should be cleaned from time to time so as to make sure that there is no accumulation of wastes within the pipelines. In case of leakage too, care should be taken and professionals should be consulted as early as possible.

There are a number of companies that provide services to deal with all kinds of drainage problems on a property. These are usually 24 hours services and they send teams of professionals who can handle the issues with ease and expertise.

A damaged drainage system may also cause damage to the neighbouring property as well. Thus it must be maintained in order to avoid such unwanted situations.