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How Wipes Can Cause Blockages in Your Drains and Pipes

Many people are not aware that facial wipes, baby wipes, kitchen roll, tampons and feminine pads can all cause blockages because they were not designed to be flushed down home toilet systems. They are often non-biodegradable and can easily clog your drains and pipes.

Flushing wipes often causes many clogs to occur. Nationwide this is a problem which has been getting worse, especially since the companies which produce these wipes are not transparent in providing this information about the wipes that they manufacture. These wipes state that they can be flushed but the truth is that they don’t dissolve quickly. Over time wipes gets stuck inside toilet pipes or somewhere else within the drainage system. These will cause blockages that will eventually cost you a lot of money in call-outs to plumbers and drainage companies.

Formation of Clusters Within Your Drainage & Pipes

Baby wipes are particularly troublesome and regularly form larger clusters because they can stick together quite easily. These eventually build up in short pipes specially if your drainage pipe work has not been readily maintained and over the years. Your pipes may have deteriorated making the condition of the pipe work rough which would in turn allow the baby wipes and other items to stick to the inner walls over a period of time. You may need to consider getting your drains relined or repaired to avoid this occurring in the future.

Manufacturers of these wipes claim wipes, tampons and feminine pads are flushable but they are not being transparent and are not liable if their products result in your drain or toilets becoming blocked. When blockages occur, it can cause unpleasant smells, overflowing drains, blocked toilets as well as the resulting expense of getting your pipes unclogged by a plumber or drainage engineer.

Disposing of Your Wipes and Sanitary Items:

When you are looking to dispose of these items, you must ensure that you dispose of them correctly in the right way and not by flushing them down your toilet. It’s recommended that you buy yourself a small, peddle-operated, lidded bin. Therefore, you can easily dispose of them by placing them directly inside your small bin after use and not down your toilet. At the end of each week, you can then simply empty the small bin into your main waste ready for collection by your weekly council waste disposal.

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