Sewer System

16 Dec. 16

The Information on the New Sewer System in London

What was known as the ‘great stink’ once was mended by introducing giant sewers, treatment works and pumping stations by the act of the Parliament centuries back in London and this very system now forms the basis of the sewer system in London. It had been engineered by Sir Joseph Bazalgette. Though it has been improved many times over the centuries, it still forms the main framework of the entire sewer system.

How is it done in the present day?

At the present day in order to control the discharge of the sewer into the Thames River, the Thames Tideway Tunnel has been proposed. As minimum as 2 mm of rainfall can cause the Victorian Sewers of the London to get filled up as the carry both rainwater and the sewer, these sewer networks open into the Thames and discharge both the rainwater and the sewer into the river.

There are about 57 of such sewer that opens up into the Thames river of the London. This happens as many as 60 times in a whole year and thus this required to be tackled immediately to arrest the rise of the sewage into the Thames river.

Information that you must know about it

The 200 miles long and broad Thames Tideway Tunnel that would run from the west London to the east London following the route that the Thames river takes is to be built 75 metres under the ground. 34 most polluted sewers would be connected to the Thames Tideway Tunnel.

The sewage overflow that has been ever increasing due to the effects of the change of climate and also because of the population growth, this new sewer system is expected to minimise the amount of the overflow.

This would contribute greatly to reducing environmental pollution due to untreated sewer overflow, and also help in protecting the health of the users of the water for recreational purposes. Potential strategies and the screening, storage and the treatment procedure of the sewers have also been broadly discussed.

This move is going to protect the ecology of the Thames river. If not treated now then the amount of the sewer that is being released into the river every year would rise to about 70 million tonnes after 10 years from now. The Thames river, the pride of London should be a source of delight and happiness. It should be kept clean and healthy and it should be flowing with glory and prestige.