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Image of waste removal.

Cesspit or Septic Tank?

It’s the classic conundrum. Do you get a cesspit installed for your property or a septic tank? Although both cesspits and septic tanks collect wastewater and sewage from households and businesses that are not connected to the mains sewer, there...
Posted on 1st Mar 2018 by admin_drain
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Image of a man plumbing a sink.

6 Signs Your Drains are Blocked or Damaged

Drainage issues can cause a lot of disruption throughout any property. It can be tough to figure out what the problem might be – or if there is a problem in the first place. But ignoring the signs of a...
Posted on 26th Feb 2018 by admin_drain
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Image of a property with drains.

Buying a New Home? Check The Drains!

You experience a range of emotions when buying a new home. Usually, these range from happiness to extreme tiredness. Not to mention the feeling of freedom that you finally have a space to call your own. With time, the euphoria...
Posted on 11th Jan 2018 by admin_drain
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Image of drainage works.

The Five Most Common Drainage Problems

The problem with drains is that you can’t see them. Stuck underground, you hope that they’re OK – and very often, the first sign that there’s a drainage problem is that you notice a nasty niff – or that your...
Posted on 11th Jan 2018 by admin_drain
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Image of Vermin Rat

Rats & Other Vermin; How To Prevent Them Accessing Your Home

Rats and other such vermin are common pests that are considered to be a nuisance and are capable of damaging many properties as well as transmitting various diseases to pets and humans. Their chewing habits are destructive, and their dirty...
Posted on 12th Oct 2017 by admin_drain
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Image of an drain unblocking.

How To Unblock An Outside Drain or Gully

Outside drains and gullies serve an important function within a property. They are responsible for the disposal of waste and other sewerage from the property to the main sewer. But the maintenance of these is often neglected by homeowners. The...
Posted on 18th Sep 2017 by admin_drain
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Image of a sink unblock.

How to Unblock a Kitchen Sink

There are various reasons why a kitchen sink may get blocked but the main reason is the carelessness people have when it comes to throwing stuff down the sink, from leftover food to oil and grease; thinking some soap and...
Posted on 18th Sep 2017 by admin_drain
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Image of water on a road.

Help-Centre: How Water is Silently Damaging Your Property

For most residential and commercial property owners, water can be their worst nightmare because it has many ways it can destroy the property; from an initial small water leak to a burst mains pipe to a major outbreak in mold...
Posted on 31st Aug 2017 by admin_drain
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Image of drainage engineer.

Importance of Drain Care & Maintenance

Proper drainage systems are an integral part of every residential and commercial property. Homeowners and businesses both rely on drain systems to efficiently dispose of water waste in a clean and hygienic manner, especially when the British weather has its...
Posted on 22nd Aug 2017 by admin_drain
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London Sewerage – From a Gory History to a Fabulous Present

With its multi-cleaning water treatment facility, London’s drainage system is now an example to the world. However, the history of London sewerage is far from anything spectacular. There are many myths and stories surrounding the underground sewerage of London. The remains of the faulty drainage pipes can...
Posted on 18th Aug 2017 by admin_drain
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