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Image of Primer on Culverts

Primer on Culverts

Culverts have been in existence since ancient times, used by the Romans for their aqueducts and Egyptians to channel water from the Nile river. Culverts are used by a lot of businesses and residences if they have some water issues and they’re...
Posted on 25th Mar 2017 by admin_drain
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Image of Thames Tideway Map

Thames Tideway Tunnel

By now, you have probably heard about the latest project of London The Future of London Sewerage Systems, The Thames Tideway Tunnel; but the question everyone is asking is what exactly is it? Well, you’re in luck as that is...
Posted on 20th Mar 2017 by admin_drain
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Image of a CCTV Sewage System

Modern Drainage Systems; Inspired by Romans

Most modern-day drainage systems have been inspired or influenced by the complex system that Ancient Romans used to use. Romans had ‘latrines’ composed of a wooden board with holes cut out to act as a toilet seat; below these ‘latrines’ was a...
Posted on 15th Mar 2017 by admin_drain
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Image of CCTV Camera Drain Technology

The History of CCTV Technology (1942 to Present)

In today’s age; CCTV technology is something we take advantage of. Over 90% of the world employ the use of this technology in their homes, streets and businesses, this has become something we have accepted. CCTV help boost the security...
Posted on 16th Feb 2017 by admin_drain
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Image of Asbestos

Health Risks of Asbestos

What is Asbestos? It is a group of minerals with thin microscopic fibres that are resistant to heat, fire and chemicals and don’t conduct electricity, due to these traits it has been mined and used in various industries; particularly construction...
Posted on 9th Feb 2017 by admin_drain
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Image of Sewer System

Health Risks of Working In A Sewer

What is sewage? This may be used to describe raw sewage, sewage sludge, or septic tank waste. Raw sewage is mainly water containing human waste, industrial effluent and debris, such as sanitary towels, condoms, plastic etc. The major source of harmful micro-organisms,...
Posted on 4th Feb 2017 by admin_drain
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Image of Mold and Damp

Health Risks Associated With Mould and Damp

The presence of damp and mould in your home won’t just affect the look of your house but also your health. There is a musty smell accompanied with lack of ventilation. These smells are associated with damp. The reason why we...
Posted on 1st Feb 2017 by admin_drain
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Image of Home Garden

Home Maintenance

When you own a home you are responsible for all of the maintenance for it. This is not limited to the roof, windows and the state of the interiors; the sewer systems and drains located on your property are also...
Posted on 30th Jan 2017 by admin_drain
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Image of Home Maintenance

Party Wall Agreements and Your Drains

A party wall agreement is a contract between neighbours made to prevent and resolve disputes related to shared party walls or construction that affects neighbouring property. It can apply to shared walls, buildings or excavations on the border between properties...
Posted on 21st Jan 2017 by admin_drain
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Image of Blocked Drains Sink

Plumbing and Drainage Home Improvement

When you think about home improvement projects, plumbing and drainage may be the last thing on your mind. Even though these systems are out of view, however, they play an essential role in your home and in day-to-day life. Plumbing carries both...
Posted on 14th Jan 2017 by admin_drain
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