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Recent Drainage Requirements Will Result in House Prices Rocketing

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Description: Meeting the drain requirements is a very important process to protecting your home from flooding but comes with a cost… Read below for more information.

Drainage requirements

A good drainage system should stick the requirements allocated to them depending on the type of drain being installed, as different drains have requirements that should be met. One of the requirements for a drainage system is surface water percolating and not seep through formation of the track. Additionally, the flow of water shall not cause erosion travelling down the slope and across the track, avoiding damage or any obstacles that may prove costly to resolve.

House Prices

The value of a UK home has risen by 0.7% in the last year, homeowners and house hunters are facing political and economical uncertainty from the market as the average home is now worth a whopping £233,000. Government data has showed in the last three years a major slump since Brexit referendum unfolded, plummeting house prices to the ground in the south and east of England.
To successfully build a new drainage system for a newly built home will cost an extra £2500 to sustain the cost and development of the home which includes inserting drains. This measure was put in place to ensure that your brand-new home is secure and “flood proof” preventing the chance of flooding and drain blockage.


These drainage requirements have had a major effect on home buyers looking for a property to move into and homeowners looking to sell their home.
However, houseowners have a variety of questions. As well as the cost that may be applied to a new home–calculated by the HBF to be between £1000 and £2500–they are worried that approval bodies may not be up and running with adequate experience in time for October, when the new regulation comes into effect ultimately slowing up house construction.

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