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The Evolution of The Sewer System

Image of a sewer system.

What is the London sewerage system? Well, basically it is a complex network of pipe works that serves every single property within the London area. The London sewer system underwent a multitude of changes from the late 19th century. John Bazalgette designed the modern sewers that are still in use today but due to the expansion that London has undergone through the years, the system is having trouble coping with the additional wastewater of 21st century London, how can we help the sewer system?

Before Bazalgette’s sewer proposals were accepted, the Thames was nothing more than open drainage, this lead to three separate cholera outbreaks occurring in London between 1830 – 1855 and the crisis which is more commonly known as ‘The Great Stink’. Due to these incidents, modern drainage companies like Drain 247, have their engineers undergo extensive training to make them aware that there is dangers of working with raw sewerage and to help prevent any form of disease or injury from being contracted whilst they are working on the drainage systems.

Since there are considerably more properties that are being served by the London sewer system than originally intended, this causes problems that affect both residential and commercial properties; the most common being a blockage that prevents the drains from flowing properly to the sewers. Blockages in the sewers are often referred to as ‘fatbergs’ which could grow to as large as a minivan.

For smaller drainage pipes such as the ones on a residential or commercial property, blockages are usually caused by a mixture of fat, oil/grease, food, undissolved tissue papers etc. there are various options to remove these blockages, from using a drain rod to manually unblock your drains to hiring a drainage company with a drain jetting machine to do it for you.

As one of these drainage companies, our engineers are trained to handle high-pressure jetters to clear blockages from both residential and commercial drains; following health & safety procedures to prevent any injuries from occurring to the engineers or any bystander that may be nearby.

Since the drainage pipe works are located underground, it is quite difficult to determine whether you have a blockage or if your drains are in good condition by just opening and looking down the manholes but thanks to the advancement in today’s technology; specialised cameras have been created to put down the manholes and into the drain pipes, able to capture images and real-time footage of the condition of the drainage system, finding out whether or not your drains have a problem have never been easier.

As an established company who has a respectable reputation among businesses and homeowners alike; Drain 247 have endeavoured to keep up to date with the latest technology that will make it easier to do our job when it comes to surveying your drains, clearing blockages and repairing any defects there may be within the drainage system.

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