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What Are The Most Common Plumbing Problems In Summer?

Image of a sink with a running tap.

With summer just on the horizon, we’re all looking forward to the warmer weather and enjoying more outdoor activities with friends and family. However, did you know that there is a risk that your plumbing system can get overworked during the summer heat?

When people think about heat-related problems, they often only think about the issues in their homes, such as the air conditioning not working or the fridge not keeping items cool enough. Whilst these problems can be frustrating during the warmest season of the year, they are often not as difficult to deal with as plumbing problems.

Here are the five most common plumbing problems that you should keep an eye out for during the summer months.


Overloading the Washing Machine

The summer months encourage people to enjoy more outdoor activities which means that you will be needing to wash your clothes more often. The more washing you have, the harder your washing machine needs to work. The problem with overloading your washing machine is that it can cause blockages and this tends to lead to messy overflows.

To avoid overloading the washing machine, you should stick to smaller loads and regularly check the hoses for leaks. You may also want to slightly move your washing machine out from the wall to give it some space to cool and not overheat.


Blocked Drains

Having a blocked drain during the summer can be a significant hassle to deal with, especially with the smell. The heat exacerbates the smell caused by blocked drains and this can quickly make any outdoor activity unpleasant. Whilst enjoying the outdoors is an excellent way to make the most out of the warm weather, it can also mean that your drains will be used more often. It’s important that you take the right steps to prevent blockages in the drain by ensuring that none of the following is put down the sink or toilet.

Ensure that you dispose of these items correctly to prevent clogging.

  • Food leftovers or scraps
  • Oily liquids and grease
  • Granules of coffee
  • Wet wipes

This is only a short list of the potential items that can cause clogging in the drains. As long as you prevent anything unusual from being washed down the sink or toilet and you are maintaining your sink, then that should keep your drains clear.

If you think you have a blocked drain and would like an expert to take a look, then please feel free to get in touch with us. We have years of experience in providing quality drain unblocking services.


Leaks in the Pipes

Wasting water and expensive water bills are often caused by leaking pipes. This is a common problem that is usually caused by excessive stress on the pipes which could have happened due to a variety of reasons. In the summer particularly, your pipes will experience increased usage due to sprinklers, filling up swimming pools, using the garden hose, and many other reasons. The more stress you put on the pipes, the more likely they are to leak.

To reduce the chances of leaking pipes, you can aim to use your water mains less and using an alternative source of water. This can reduce your water bill each month and it can also help you avoid potential problems with the pipes.


Blocked Gutters

During the summer months, sudden rainfall is to be expected due to evaporation and condensation of water. Your gutters are essential as they help to keep the water away from the foundation of your home. Although you may not have given much thought about your gutters, it’s important to inspect them every now and then to ensure that they are not blocked. If your gutters become blocked, then it can cause significant plumbing issues and this could be worse in the summer months.

In the summer, your gutters can become blocked due to falling debris, such as moss, grass, twigs, and leaves. To ensure that your gutters remain clear all year round, you should have your gutters swept regularly and cleaned by a professional so that you can avoid potentially expensive blockages.


Damaged Drainage Systems

When the warmer weather comes around, it is possible that the heat can affect the ground under your home as the lack of rain, constant heat, and UV rays can dry up the ground. This can lead to the pipes cracking which may result in serious damage to the pipes. Although this process can take a very long time to happen, it’s important that you cover up any exposed pipework around the home. You should also insulate the exposed pipes to ensure that the heat from the sun does not affect it.

If you suspect that you may have a collapsed drain, then please read our blog post on what causes a collapsed drain for more information.


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