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What Happens If I Neglect My Drains?

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If you neglect your drains, you could be exposing yourself, your property, and others to potential risks. Many homeowners and property owners often improperly dispose of unsuitable waste down their drains which could cause serious issues in the long-term. From blockages to permanent drainage damage, there are a variety of problems that could be caused by neglect and improper disposal of waste.

At Drain 247, we provide a comprehensive range of drain maintenance and drain inspection services for domestic and commercial properties. Our expert engineers provide CCTV drain surveys to inspect your drains and prevent any issues from causing damage. We have put together an article to help you understand the risks of not taking care of your drain.


How Could You Be Neglecting Your Drains?

Whether you have a residential home or a commercial premise, there are many ways you could be unknowingly neglecting your drains, including:

  • Not cleaning or maintaining your drains – One of the key indicators of neglect is if you don’t regularly clean or maintain your drains. Many homeowners tend to forget about their drains which is where problems may start to develop in the long-term.
  • Improper disposal of waste – There are many different kinds of waste that could present serious harm to your drainage system and these kinds will often build up in your drains until a blockage is formed.


What Are The Risks Of Neglecting Your Drains?

If you do not provide an adequate amount of care for your drains, then it could eventually lead to expensive repairs of maintenance that could have otherwise been avoided. Drainage systems are important parts of properties as they are connected underneath the property. This means that these risks could be present to other people as well as yourself.

There are many risks which could occur as a result of neglecting your Drains, these include:

  • Perpetual Structural Damage – A blocked drain could let escaping water cause damage to your property’s foundations which could cause the building to become unsafe. Also, the escaping water and waste that are blocked in the drain could cause mould to grow in various places around your property.
  • Dirty Water – The escaping water could also serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and this could lead to the development of harmful diseases in the water. The result of this would be dangerous for people and animals around the property.
  • Foul Odours – One of the signs that your drains have been blocked is when foul odours occur. By neglecting your drains, you won’t be able to identify any potential build ups in the drains before they become bigger problems.


How Do I Maintain my Drains?

Now that you are aware of the risks of neglecting your drain, it’s important that you take the time to either incorporate drain cleaning into your regular cleaning routine or find a suitable drainage company that can take care of your drains for you on a regular basis. At Drain 247, we provide domestic and commercial drain maintenance plans.

Here are some of the benefits of using our drain maintenance plans:

  • Can help reduce emergency plumbing costs.
  • It can help you avoid health & safety issues.
  • It helps you to avoid potential downtime at your premise due to drainage problems.
  • Reduces any loss in business operation.


Contact Drain 247 for CCTV Drain Surveys in London & Hertfordshire

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