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Why Drain Maintenance Is Important

Image of an open drain.

Drains are necessary to all residential and commercial properties; each property has pipework running through or around its boundary. These pipework carry raw sewerage or surface water which discharge to dedicated points, some drainage systems in properties are shared, and vast numbers of properties run into the drainage network; these types of pipework require regular maintenance and inspection to ensure the pipes are free-flowing. The sewerage system; is often overlooked by property owners both old and new but it still requires regular maintenance to prevent the drainage and sewer pipes from deteriorating.

Property owners often leave drainage maintenance until the very last minute when they have a serious problem in their hand in the form of a significant blockage, but by this time, it is already too late; they would have had wastewater flooding into their properties causing reasonable damages and contamination.

The drainage system works by having wastewater flow down a series of pipework to the main sewer, but sometimes, these lines will get clogged due to an accumulation of food, grease, soap, hair and a load of other things that built up over the years.

Poor Drainage

At the first sign of a faulty drainage system; whether through bad smells, sinks and baths not draining properly or just wastewater flooding in your property, you must contact a professional drainage company who have engineers equipped with the right tools and training. These drain companies often carry out jobs ranging from a CCTV drain survey to high-pressure sewer jetting to drainage repairs and many more waste services to ensure your drains are kept clean, free-flowing and watertight. These sometimes fall into a maintenance contract.

Drain pipes in your property have the potential to contaminate the freshwater system if they are not adequately maintained.

If there is a breakage in the lines, it will allow wastewater to flow into the surrounding area and affect the environment; if there is a blockage in the lines, it will hold the wastewater within the pipework and fill up the manhole with old and new garbage that comes in from the lines running into it; in some extreme cases, the sewer overflows and wastewater floods onto the surface carrying unpleasant smells and all types of harmful germs with it; along with damaging the property.

Prevention Method

To help prevent this from happening, you need to ensure that you do not put items such as leftover food, cooking oil, kitchen paper, any plastic, and any other material that cannot be broken down by the water in the drains and that it goes in your bin. Water damage or blockages may not be covered by any home insurance policy. Therefore any damage accrued will not be compensated by your

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