18 Nov. 16

The Reason Why You Should Have a CCTV Drain Survey for Subsidence

In many regions subsidence is as common a phenomenon as flooding and may cause extensive damage to property. The cost of repairing the damages caused by subsidence is relatively high depending on the nature of the damage caused. The changes in nature may result in the occurrence of subsidence at much higher rates. There are insurance policies that cover subsidence and in order to sell a property, a subsidence claim would be required that would enable the prospective buyer of the property to obtain a mortgage on it.

What is subsidence?

When the ground moves vertically downwards it is called subsidence and it causes substantial damage to the property that stands above it. Subsidence may occur due to a number of reasons like when the ground on which a property has been raised isn’t strong enough to take the load or due to thermal movement or chemical attack. Long deep cracks on the walls are common signs of subsidence.

Thus the moment one notices cracks on the walls that are due to subsidence the first step of action is to contact an insurance agent so that any further damage can be taken care of. The insurer can help in getting a specialist contractor on board after confirming the subsidence and also help in suggesting the most suitable course of action.

Why is CCTV survey important?

Often the network of pipework running beneath the property may cause the earth to wash away or move if they burst or leak. In such cases to acquire the subsidence claim CCTV survey of the drain can be of help in determining the nature of the damage caused. The ability of the CCTV camera to inspect properly the extent of the damage can help avoid unimportant excavation work.

The cameras are capable of identifying the exact problem and this saves from further damage to the property.

These CCTV cameras are used by many companies lending mortgages to inspect the condition of the system and the possibility if the future subsidence claims. The information gathered with the help of the CCTV camera helps in making the claim as those are first hand and clear evidence of the cause of the damage.

These cameras are built sturdy for the special purpose with a hard bearing cable that helps the camera to push its way through the pipe works. Thus proper documentation and reporting of the survey with the help of a CCTV camera can be of a lot of help.