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    Investing In A Home Buyers Drain Survey Report

    All our homebuyer’s drain inspection surveys are supplied with a full written condition report, drainage plan, colour photographs, description of defects, depths location, and measurements, plus recommendation along with a quotation for the repairs and DVD evidence. By providing all of this data, you can make better-informed decisions regarding the purchase of a home.

    Drains 247 have been carrying out homebuyers’ drain surveys inspection for over 20 years in London and Hertfordshire. Investing in homebuyers drain surveys you will get a better understanding of the underground pipework running through and around the property. If you’re looking to potentially expand the property going into the future, this information may come in handy when deciding on how to do so.

    Are The Drains In The Property Correctly Installed

    Section 109 Water Industry Act 1991 says it’s illegal to have drains in a property connected in the wrong way. Misconnected drains were made illegal by the Environmental Act 1990 and are the responsibility of the property owner to fix. Checking that the drains are all properly connected before purchasing the property can potentially save you time and money in the future.

    As a professional drainage company, we would always recommend that any new homebuyers to having a Pre-Purchase Drain Survey or a homebuyer drain survey carried out before they committing to signing because if after you move into your new property you discover defects within the drainage system this could turn out to be quite costly.

    CCTV Camera surveys these days are not only used for fault finding once a problem has been identified, it is now very common practice for potential home purchasers to request a drain survey before completing the sale. Given the potential cost of drain repairs, CCTV surveys can definitely pay for themselves many times over, especially if there is already an underlying issue with the drainage system.

    The home buyer drain survey report will identify any issues within the drainage system, including blockages, fractures, collapsed pipes, displaced joints, root intrusions, misconnections, or leaks that could lead to subsidence and preventing the homebuyer from inheriting problems and not breaking the law.

    All of our operators are fully trained in the operation of the equipment and are supported by an experienced crew

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    Why Would I Need a Home Buyers Drain Survey?

    ✓ Drainage System Ownership

    Once the property becomes yours, you will likely find yourself using the drainage system frequently and you’ll want to make sure that it is functioning correctly. A home buyer drain survey may also reveal some ongoing issues with the drainage that may need to be addressed further down the line.

    ✓ Drawing Plan to Show The Drainage System

    Our survey process results in detailed drawings of a plan of your drainage system. This plan contains valuable information to both the homeowner and any potential third parties employed during the process of expanding the home.

    ✓ CCTV Structural Condition Reporting

    Structural faults or weaknesses with a drainage system are usually found far too late. One of the main benefits for our drain surveys is the information it provides on the structural integrity of the drainage system.

    ✓ Misconnections – Detect Wrong or Faulty Connections

    An incorrect connection of the drainage system can cause legal complications. Flagging this as early as possible will go a long way in dealing with this issue.

    ✓ Detection of Vermin / Rat Infestation within the Drainage System

    Vermin infestations within the drainage systems are not as rare as we think. There may be a range of breeds building nests that can cause blockages or integrity issues. Disposing of them so that they can’t carry out any long-lasting damage is important, especially if it’s a new property that you are considering buying.

    ✓ Surveyors may not be able to carry out In-depth Drain Surveys

    Some may believe that surveyors are able to fully check a home for drainage issues. Unfortunately, this is not the case and unless there is a major issue with the drainage system there is a good chance they will not notice anything wrong. This is mainly due to them not having access to the same level of technological tools available to our team at Drain 247.

    ✓  Buyers are often left in the dark about the Conditions of their Drains

    Depending on the owner of the property, you may find that you are lacking information on certain sections of the home. Due to the complex nature of the drainage industry, they may simply not have the information available themselves and are unable to provide it. In instances like this, you may want to collect the information for yourself with the help of our specialist team.

    ✓  Insurance companies are now requesting a Drain Survey before offering cover

    A recent change in insurance legislation now requires homeowners to provide evidence of their functioning drainage system before they can be provided with home insurance. This evidence cannot be acquired without the use of a set of technological tools available to our team at Drain 247.

    ✓  Water companies could be for-warned about defects and prevent the buyer from inheriting problems.

    If the water is subject to contaminants, the local water companies can be warned ahead of time.

    ✓  Homebuyers may not be aware of how important it is to have a home buyers drain survey

    Important information will be provided to the homeowner on completion of the report. The information will dictate how the drainage system should be managed.


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