A picture of a flooded building.

In recent years, London has become more prone to flooding and we’ve seen many properties suffer serious damage due to heavy rainfall, storms, and overflowing sewers. The damage that floodwater can cause to your property and your possessions is not to be underestimated. It’s vital that flooding situations are taken care of as soon as possible in order to minimise the impact and prevent further damage.

Basements are one of the areas that are most prone to flooding in properties because it’s the lowest point of the building. Unlike other parts of the home, disposing of residual water when a flood occurs in a basement can be much more challenging and you will need specialist equipment and expertise in order to safely remove the floodwater.

That’s where Drain 247 can help. Our emergency reactive teams are fully trained to handle a wide range of scenarios with flooding. What makes us different from other drainage companies, is that we continually invest in our team and also our equipment. Utilising tankers equipped with the latest technology, our specialists can remove all of the flood water in your basement quickly and with no fuss.

In situations where you’ve experienced basement flooding, here are some of the ways you can deal with this.

Call a Flood Response Specialist

Damage to your property due to flooding can be tricky to resolve which makes it vital that you employ a high-quality team of specialists who can salvage as much as possible while preventing any long-term damage within the space.

As soon as you notice flooding in your basement, give our engineers a call and we’ll help you resolve the issue. We understand that each basement is unique and will require us to tailor our efforts to your property, ensuring that the process is carried out as quickly and safely as possible.

Safely Shut Off Power

When water is allowed to flow freely around a room, it can cause some substantial damage to your possessions. The worst of which might lead to damage of electrical appliances, making the water itself highly unsafe. Shutting off the power using a circuit breaker or fuse box will help to prevent further damage to the appliances as well as fires or electrocutions.

Through our numerous years of dealing with flooded basements, our team at Drain 247 recommends that you never enter a flooded basement as you may potentially be in danger. Always rely on a professional with the right tools for the job as quality is paramount when it comes to resolving floods.

The Source of The Basement Flood

There is an assortment of issues that can potentially lead to your basement flooding and you may be curious as to why your basement is flooding. As a part of our process, we will identify the source of the flood and give you further advice on how to prevent future flooding in your basement. If there is a major issue detected to be causing the flood, such as blocked drains, we also provide same-day drain unblocking to help you completely resolve the flooding issue.

Many problems are often caused by heavy rainfall or an ineffective drainage system and it is important to assess both. Utilising the latest CCTV technology, we can accurately assess the conditions of your drains and provide expert recommendations for remediation.

Post Basement Flood

Depending on the severity of the flood, the actions you should take in this section may vary. Once the flood water has been cleared from the basement by our specialists and is deemed to be safe to enter, you should look to remove all the wet items from the room and look to dry them over the next few days.

You should also check the walls of your basement to ensure that there hasn’t been a build-up of mould. If you’re unsure of what you should do after your basement has flooded, our team at Drain 247 can offer guidance.

Contact Drain 247 for Basement Flooding Solutions

Please get in touch with our team of experts at Drain 247 if you require basement flooding services within the London and Hertfordshire areas. Our client-centric approach to drainage management has earned us recognition across the industry and we look forward to helping you resolve your problems.

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