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Drainage and sewage systems are often overlooked as part of property maintenance and when problems occur, it’s usually due to a lack of upkeep. When our clients call on us for drain investigation and unblocking services, we find that it’s normally caused by a build-up of fats, debris, grease, oils, and other foreign substances that have been accumulating for long periods.

Sometimes, it may also be due to a previous inspection and unblocking job where the previous company wasn’t able to completely remove the built-up blockages. At Drain 247, we understand the importance of making sure that the job is done right the first time, every time. To ensure that our clients are 100% happy with our services, we invest in the latest CCTV inspection and drain unblocking equipment so that our engineers are best equipped for any job and to provide the best results.

Being able to recognise the signs of a blockage will help you deal with the issue quickly, therefore, mitigating any negative implications. We’re available 24/7, so just give us a call if you notice any signs of a blockage.

Here are some of the common signs of a blocked drain.

Unpleasant Smells

If there is food stuck in your drain, you’re likely going to be able to smell it, whether the food itself is the cause of the blockage or if it’s just stuck to a pre-existing blockage. As the debris starts to decompose, it creates a putrid odour that can be recognised instantly. Decomposing food spreads bacteria and if it’s stuck in your drain, it can eventually lead to compromising the hygiene of the room on the other side. Since most drainage systems are linked to kitchens and bathrooms you should look to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

If you have noticed any new and strong odours that aren’t normally present, this is a key sign that your drains may be having problems. At this stage, it’s important to call on Drain 247 so that we can investigate the cause of the bad smells and remediate the problem for you.

Raised Water Level When Flushing

The toilet is one of the most important things that is connected to your drainage systems in a property. It is safe to say when something goes wrong with it, you’re quickly going to notice. The most common issue that is indicative of a blockage is a raised water level when the toilet is flushed. The raised water level can worsen and become an overflow if this is left too long.

These types of issues are normally caused by blockages in the drain pipes, whether it’s due to wet wipes being flushed down, or other items that should be disposed of in the toilet. If your toilet is exhibiting any issues, you may wish to get in touch with the Drain 247 team to resolve it quickly.

Water is Slow to Drain

One of the most common indicators of a blocked drain is the slow drainage of liquid. If there are parts of the piping that are blocked, the usual amount of water will not be allowed through which usually leads to a build-up at the entry. Depending on the severity of the blockage, different quantities of liquid may be allowed through and if this gets worse, it may cause the whole of the drain to become blocked and cause major inconvenience to those using it.

If you’ve noticed that your water is draining much slower than normal, it’s more than likely due to a blockage in the pipes.

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