A large tanker unit being used to clean out a blocked drain.

Septic tanks can be present in both domestic and commercial properties and they are responsible for holding and separating wastewater. These cesspits or septic tanks are usually buried underground and made from water-tight containers to enable long-term storage of waste.

Over time, the solids in the wastewater will settle at the bottom of the tank, whilst the grease and oils will float to the top. Your septic tank plays a very important role in the wastewater process, so it’s vital that you ensure your tank stays in the best possible conditions. This will help prolong the lifespan of the tank, it will help it to operate as effectively as possible, and it will also help to reduce the chances of expensive problems occurring.

Our team at Drain 247 are fully registered with the Environment Agency and we are specialists in providing a diverse range of waste disposal solutions.

One of the common issues we are asked about is septic tanks. With years of experience in dealing with septic tank emptying and liquid waste removal, we’ve been trusted to carry out a total of over 7,500 projects across residential, commercial and industrial environments.

Here are some of the ways you can improve the management of your septic tanks.

Regular Inspections


As part of maintaining your septic tank, regular inspections should be conducted so that you’re aware of the conditions and so that you can spot any potential faults early on. It’s recommended to call a professional drainage company that can take care of the regular maintenance of your cesspit and septic tanks as they know exactly what to look for.

At Drain 247, our engineers are very experienced in carrying out inspections and we know what signs to look for and how to remediate potential problems.

Correctly Dispose of Waste

To make sure that you are not causing potential blockages in your cesspits, it’s important to be aware of what you are disposing of down the drains. Your cesspit tanks are for wastewater so the following items should not be disposed of down the sink or toilet:

• Wet Wipes

• Paper Towels

• Food Waste

• Egg Shells & Coffee Ground

• Oils & Grease

• Chemicals & Paint

Knowing what you should and shouldn’t dispose of down your drains will help prevent potential blockages caused by foreign substances.

Tanker Services

The most efficient and comprehensive solution for septic tank emptying and liquid waste removal is through our tanker services. We use our top-of-the-line tankers to quickly remove liquid waste from septic tanks and cesspits, leaving your drainage systems to function at their best while also mitigating any of the potential health hazards that a build-up of harmful substances may cause.

Our tankers utilise vacuum technology to completely clear any septic tanks and cesspits of liquid waste. We often see our tanker services used in tandem with drain jetting which enable the clearing of blocked drains and then removing the blockages for improved functionality and hygiene.

Depending on how often your septic tanks are used, they may only need emptying every three to five years, but it’s recommended to arrange an annual septic tank emptying to ensure that your drainage systems continue running smoothly.

If you haven’t emptied your septic tanks for longer than three years, you may run into issues sooner or later. These issues will need to be addressed promptly before they can cause harm to the property or occupants. Our tanker services are designed to be time and cost-efficient in order to make the liquid waste removal process as simple and streamlined for our clients as possible.

Saving the Environment

Environmental safety is what we strive for at Drain 247 and you can be sure that regardless of the service we are providing, it has been adapted to be as environmentally friendly as possible while still retaining the functionality that has earned us our market-leading status.

In the case of our tanker services, we are fully registered with the Environmental Agency which is responsible for the safe disposal of liquid waste. Through our partnership, we ensure that all of our waste is disposed of safely, legally, and adhering to all necessary regulations.

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