A picture of a flooded road gully.

Firstly, it’s not a very good idea to put nappies, incontinence pads or sanitary towels down the toilet. Always remember not to allow such things as air fresheners, children’s toys, or other objects to fall into the toilet because these are definitely going to cause a problem with flushing.

If such objects get stuck in the drainage system you will find it very difficult to remove these items if they have gone past the U-bend at the back of the toilet you will then have to call in a professional plumbing or drainage company which have the specialized equipment to remove these items.


One of the major causes of blockages...

Is fat and oil which we use when we are cooking some people don’t realize that when are washing up or if someone empties the old oil from the chip pan and put down the sink or in the garden gulley, they are unconsciously contributing to causing blockages in Blocked Drains, Toilet, Sink.


When we do this…

Fat and oil hit the drainage system and congeal around the pipework, forming a layer and such things as baby wipes stick to the pipework and this is what causes the blockages.

The best thing to do with the cooking oil it to let it cool down and you can dispose of it in paper and put it in your household bin or you can add some nuts and seeds and feed it to the birds.


Remember the drainage system was only designed…

For waste-water and toilet paper and this is really the only thing you should be putting down there. Another good idea is to avoid plant trees or shrubs close to your drains as roots will enter the drains at pipe joints and will eventually cause major damage and blockages Blocked Drains, Toilet, Sink. If you are going to direct a new fence I would suggest that you check to make sure there are no drains running close to where you are going to put the fence post.


If you accidentally…

Put one of the fence posts through the drain you are going to have a broken pipe and blockage at some point if you are unsure where the drains are it may be better to ask a drainage company carry out a CCTV drain survey to advise you where the drain pipes are, these will be cheaper than if you have to dig up the drain. You should never dispose of fat or grease, waste oil, paint residue, and cement into your drains these and similar materials should be disposed of in your household bin.


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