Langley Primary School, Slough

Project Summery

Langley Primary School was experiencing a range of drainage problems, such as bad smells, water backing up, flooding, and blockages.

To resolve these problems, Drain 247 was appointed to attend their site and investigate the source of the problems in order to find a solution.

Across this four day project, our engineers attended the site and carried out a comprehensive survey to identify all problems with their drainage systems.

We had found that their drains had several blockages and the pipes had a build-up of rust and scale which needed to be dealt with.

To remediate their drainage problems, our engineers carried out high-pressure jetting to remove all the blockages and we also descaled their pipes to remove the build up of rust and other minerals.

To make sure that we’ve completely resolved their blockage, we completed a full CCTV drain inspection and produced a detailed report of the conditions of the drains with high-resolution footage.

Our engineers also provided expert advice for maintaining their drains to avoid future blockages.

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High Pressure Drain Jetting & CCTV Survey

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