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Commercial Pipe Location & GPS Mapping Services from Drain 247

We can dispatch engineers across the country to carry out all types of GIS, GPS, GNSS, Utility Locating, Geopositioning, Drainage Investigation, Capture Precise Utility Data, sewer mapping, and  Sonar Tracing.

We provide a professional service to commercial clients. Commercial sewer pipe location mapping services are a vital part of any building or development project.  Without this information, it will be hard for developers and project managers to understand the drain, sewer infrastructure when planning and undertaking both design and construction work.

As the population grows the development need to be able to build property quicker this is why it is good to have commercial pipe location mapping services carried out prior to any development work the information gathered will ensure that the developers and piling company do not damage the existing drain, sewer or culvert network.



Pipe Location Mapping

As a project manager or a developer, you need to know the exact location of the underground drain, sewer, or culvert pipework to find out if the existing drainage system Is in good working order or requires replacement or diverted.

Drain 247  can accurately pinpoint any sewer or drainage pipework running through or around a commercial site to a tolerance of + or – 3%  using specialist sonar,  GPS, or tracing equipment to confirm the depth, direction,  location, and providing an accurate and Produce a detailed plan.

Our qualified operatives have obtained vast knowledge and experience in this field and equipment to be able to carry out Commercial sewer mapping & pipe location Services on all types of land.

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What Included
✔ Sonar Tracing
✔ Computerised Drainage Plan
✔ Transfer Data to AutoCAD
✔ Pipe Location Mapping
✔ Direction Flow, Pipe Size Dimension
✔ Manhole Location & Invert levels
✔Confirming Ownership Private or Public

Developers & Project Managers

Many developers and project managers are discovering that a lot of sites do not have up-to-date existing drainage or sewer plans. which can be cross-referenced to see if changes that have been made over time have not been added to the existing plans they can be used for the projector if extra pipes need to be lies to ensure proper drainage from the development.

Pipe location mapping services is specifically useful to ensure that the existing underground drainage network system isn’t damaged or disrupted in any way during development. Commercial Mapping Drains & pipe location Services are becoming more and more popular as developers require more land to build houses due to the increase in population.

The Developers need to know the location of all underground drain, sewer, or culvert which might be present within the developer’s land. If it’s discovered that they cannot use the existing main drain sewer network.

The developer and project manager will need to know the nearest connection point outside the property so that they can do a sewer connection or sewer adoption. drain 247 qualified engineers will be able to provide information by carrying out pipe location Services.

From Drain 247 Control Centre

We can dispatch engineers across the country to carry out all types of sewer mapping, GPS Charting, Sonar Tracing and Pipe Location the cost is based on the level of investigation required. we produce detailed mapping plans showing.

  • Pipe sizes
  • Depth levels this
  • GPS locations
  • Flow directions
  • Manhole locations
  • Boundary measurements
  • Schematic AutoCAD drawings

Drain 247 In-House Commercial AutoCAD Team

Our drain tracing and sonar tracing engineers have the capability to create new AutoCAD maps or to transfer GPS and mapping data onto existing AutoCAD maps.

The accuracy of this data is crucially important for architects and developers, and to meet this level of quality we have invested in the latest GPS and sonar mapping technology, and crawler cam tracking units.

This enables our commercial mapping, drain tracing, sonar tracing, and pipe location service engineers to create high-quality reports, maps, and fully annotated site plans of sewers, culverts, riverbeds, and wider drainage systems and features.

Contact Drain 247 For pipe Location & GPS Mapping Services

If you require any more information or have any queries regarding commercial sewer pipe location or GPS Mapping and what to do, then please contact our drainage experts. Call us on 0800 612 8038 or you can complete our quick enquiry form to get your free, no-obligation quote

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