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    Pre-Planned Drainage Maintenance Services

    Many of our commercial clients often request and contract us to perform pre-planned drain maintenance services to fulfill their on-going needs.

    Our pre-planned drainage maintenance services enable us to perform analysis and to review any issues which may arise for our clients and their premises. We’re also able to identify and propose solutions to pre-empt issues that may arise before they occur.  This often means that our clients can save expense later on and avoid any interruption to their normal operations.


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    Why Your Company Should Consider Pre-Planned Drainage Maintenance

    • Identifying potential drainage issues before they happen.
    • Reduce the need for costly emergency plumbing.
    • Avoid health and safety problems arising.
    • Prevent interruption to normal business operations.
    • Prevent drains and toilets being affected by blockages, leaks, and pipe damages.


    Our Pre-Planned Drainage Maintenance Process

    • Our engineers attend the business premises and carry out a full drainage inspection.
    • Following our full drainage inspection, our engineers will recommend remedial works that cover works required to drainage and drainage.
    • Upon identifying weak points and potential future issues, we will provide a custom maintenance package geared towards addressing the weaknesses and potential future issues identified.
    • Future appointments will be arranged so that our engineers can attend your premises at a suitable time in order to carry out remedial drainage works with minimum disruption to your business.


    Which Business Sectors Can Most Benefit?

    Almost all businesses have drainage, toilets, pipework, and sewers. Nearly all businesses can be affected by damage or issues caused by blockages, leaks, or breakages in the pipework. The result can be damage to property, inconvenience, and loss of revenue due to business interruption.

    Sectors and businesses which can be affected the most and will thus benefit the most from a pre-planned drain maintenance plan include:

    • Supermarkets
    • Restaurants
    • Pubs
    • Bars
    • Schools
    • Colleges
    • Universities
    • Shopping Centres
    • Holiday Parks
    • Hotels
    • Office Blocks
    • Airports
    • and many more


    What Pre-Planned Drain Maintenance Services are Available?

    Drain 247 has several standard term packages available which cover a range of audit areas and maintenance checks as well as remedial drainage works if required.

    • Time periods usually covered include weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual drainage visits.
    • The areas assessed often include sewers, manhole covers, external drains, internal drains, waste pipes, toilets, urinals and more.
    • Larger commercial areas covered include: We can also assess larger commercial premises including foul drainage and septic tanks.

    What is the Cost of Pre-Planned Drainage Maintenance?

    Our expert drainage engineers will provide a pre-planned drain maintenance plan which has been tailored to address our client’s needs.

    To get a quotation on a plan or to request a drainage audit to establish accurate costs please contact us or call us on 0800 612 8038.