Queens' Primary School, Bushey

Project Summery

Queens’ Primary School had been experiencing recurring blockages, backed-up drains, and flooding around the property. ,

Our engineers had been called to attend the site in order to identify and diagnose the cause of the drainage problems.

This project was carried out across three days and started with an initial survey to identify potential problems with the drainage systems. Our engineers had found several points of blockages and a build-up of corrosion, rust, and other minerals.

To tackle this problem, we needed to bring in our 32-tonne tanker unit to clean the surface water system around the school.

>Using high pressure jetting equipment, we safely removed all blockages from their drainage systems and we also descaled their pipes to remove corrosion and rust.

To complete the project, our engineers carried out a full CCTV drain survey in order to make sure that the blockages had been completely cleared and that there are no further defects in the pipes.

We then produced a comprehensive drain report with video footage to show the internal conditions of the drains.