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Kinetic House, Theobald Street, Borehamwood, England, WD6 4PJ
24hr Drainage & Environmental Specialists
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    Basement Flooding Emergency

    If you’ve experienced flooding in your basement, Drain 247 has an emergency reactive flood water extraction team available. 24/7 to help you resolve the flooded at your property in London and Hertfordshire whether it’s a residential or a commercial property, our experienced flood water extraction team specialists ensure that all of the flood water is removed from your basement quickly and with minimal fuss to prevent further water damage to your property.

    We’ll also carry out a physical inspection to identify if your property has experienced structural damage due to the flooding and we’ll make recommendations for preventing flooding in the future.


    Flood Response Experts On Call 24hr Fixed Price

    Whether you have a domestic or commercial flooding problem, we can clear it for you. Drain 247 operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Our specialist team of residential & commercial skilled operatives will rapidly respond to your call, doing whatever it takes to remedy your situation.

    Why Can Basement Flooding Occur?

    There are many reasons for why flooding may happen in your basement, but one of the most common causes of basement flooding is due to heavy rainfall. In situations with heavy rainfall, the sewers are often affected because they may not be able to handle the sudden and significant amounts of rainwater.

    As the Local Water Authority does not maintain the sewers, it affects the performance of your sewers and can cause the sewer flaps to be jammed open. In situations with heavy rainfall, this can cause the sewer to become backed-up, resulting in water leaking into your basement. Basements are below ground level which means that they are the lowest point of a property which makes it prone to flooding.

    On the main road, there may be as many as ten outlets called sewer flaps and when one sewer flap becomes jammed open due to a lack of maintenance, it could affect the whole road as there could be ten properties that go to that last point in the manhole. The combination of the sewer backing up and the sewer flap being jammed open by your property can lead to your basement being flooded.

    Qualified Drainage Engineers In Your Area

    Response time of 30 to 60 minutes depending on the location and availability of our engineers.

    Commercial, Domestic & Industrial
    Our Basement Flood Services
    Flood Inspection
      Has there been a flood situation in your basement?

      Our experienced reactive engineers will thoroughly inspect your property for the possible causes of flooding and make expert recommendations for remediation.

    Floodwater Removal
      Do you need a fast and responsive floodwater removal service?

      At Drain 247, our emergency reactive team is always ready to tackle a basement flood situation. Our heavy-duty tankers can vacuum up all of the floodwater in your basement quickly.

    Flood Barriers
      Do you need to minimise and contain a flooded basement?

      In addition to our comprehensive basement flood services, we can also deploy flood barriers to contain the damage and prevent further disruption to the nearby area.

    Basement Flood Water Removal

    Basement flooding can happen at any time and it can be caused by a variety of reasons, whether it’s due to heavy rainfall, rapid melting of snow, major storms, or backed up sewers. Both residential and commercial properties with basements are prone to flooding and when you do experience a flooding situation, it’s important to call a professional flood drainage company.

    Sometimes, flood water can become contaminated with sewage waste which results in the water carrying harmful substances to your property, increasing the health risks. If flooding occurs due to a backed-up sewer, you need a professional with the right equipment who can safely clean up the flood. Drain 247 specialises in flood removal and our reactive team are fully trained on deploying effective flood water removal services across London. We’ll ensure that all of the floodwater is removed from your basement quickly and effectively.

    If your basement has been flooded, call our emergency reactive team today on 0800 612 8038.

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    When Your Basement Floods, You Need A Specialist

    Acting as soon as possible is key when dealing with a basement that has or is being flooded. The water and sewage that flows directly into your basement can cause substantial damage to the walls, foundations and any possessions within the room.

    A quick response is vital as it will help to address the cause of the issue before more substantial damage can occur, the cost of repairs can escalate quickly as the water and sewage level rises making it a priority to call the Drain 247 team as early as possible.

    If your basement is showing signs of flooding, don’t delay. Get in touch with a member of our 24hr emergency flood water extraction team in London and Hertfordshire on 0800 612 0838.

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